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July 01, 2014



I've always wondered why Leifer wanted the fire speaking!!


Initially the prologue confused me (who is this women), but then it really got me exited for Enna's story and to see how she would be involved with this mystery women's story and issues. And I love how Enna is so different from Ani it makes her and her friendship with Ani feel more real.


The description of her burn is definitely very real. I think most people, if not everyone, have burned themselves at some point. Reading the description of her burn, my ankles and feet kind of ached from the memory of a terrible sunburn a couple years ago.

Why did you switch Ani's nickname to Isi?


I'm playing catch up (already on day 2), but I'm just so excited for summer book club!!


Heather: When Ani was in Bayern in The Goose Girl she told people her name was Isi, after her grandmother Isilee. I suppose the name just stuck among her Bayern friends.

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