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July 14, 2014



One reason I love YA so much more than adult fiction is that YA doesn't linger on the dark as much as adult fiction. Something dramatic/intense/horrible happens in YA and you're given a moment of reprieve with a goofy/sweet character. Something like that happens in adult and the character spends the next 30 pages dwelling on it not allowing the reader to recover. Making both the reader and character haunted by the experience.

So, thank you for the scene with Razo!


Did it ever annoy you to have Razo push for his own story?

Rebecca Henry

Whenever I look at fire, I think about Enna Burning! I imagine what it would be like holding heat in my chest and it bursting out in flame! Where does the heat/flame come from in her chest? Does everyone (in the Bayern world) have an ability to learn that or are there only a select few born with the possibility?

P.S. I LOVE Razo and am happy he gets his own story!


I agree so much with what Rebecca said! I am so glad Razo wormed his way into this story as much as he did.

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