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July 11, 2014



I love Finn and how sweet and good he is. I always have an ache in my heart for him when I read this book. I also love how real his relationship is with Enna, always one step forward and two steps back. Sometimes I want to shake Enna, so she can realize sooner what she has right in front of her. She can't, though, not until she figures herself out more. That is one of the many things I love about your stories, there are no easy solutions, but the resolutions are that much more satisfying for having been hard-earned. Not all authors have the patience to write this way. Thank you for your effort and patience!

Rebeka B.

Oh, Finn. He is perhaps one of my favourite characters ever--besides Isi, Enna, Razo, Dasha, Geric, Rin... Thank you for writing him, in a world where "bad boys" are usually more lauded and romanticized. Thank you for giving us a realistic hero worthy of his heroine--a boy worth fighting for! ;)


I've always found Enna and Finn an interesting pair, because they are so different. You mentioned before that in an earlier draft Enna was already married. Was she married to Finn or someone else? What made you bring Enna and Finn together? Was it always going to be that way?


I know you probably can't answer this question at the moment because it might spoil the story... BUT... at the beginning of the chapter we learn that unlike Enna and the rest of Bayern, Isi does not necessarily believe that the augury will determine the outcome of the war. Although Enna points out that such things might only have power in Bayern. Do you believe that, within the bounds of Bayern, the augury really does have magical powers over the outcome of the war? Or is it just an old superstition, which by some fluke may or may not prove to be accurate (maybe a self-fulfilling prophecy kind of thing)?
I just want to say that I absolutely love this book (actually all of your books), and I think it is beautifully crafted!


I'm glad you labored so long and hard to give us Forest Born. It's the most powerful of the Bayern books IMO. All your books feel real, but Forest Born feels the most real to me, the most aligned to my own reality.


I like how Enna intervenes just a little to save Finn and assure the outcome of the augury. I really think most women would do something, if they could, to help someone they love.

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