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July 10, 2014



Reading about the sparring took on a whole new meaning to me this time around since my family (including me, out of shape in my mid-30s) starting taking taekwondo last fall. Sparring is new to me, but it's kind of weird how much I enjoy it. I never thought I'd enjoy it.

How do you think of your characters? Are they just descriptions and actions on a piece of paper, or like imaginary friends, or do you think of them as real people, or what?


I love Razo and I love writing characters like him, ones that just explain themselves to you without you having to search them out. One of my characters is just the same way. The funny thing is, my personality is a lot more like my MC's, quieter and not quite as sure where she stands. But I think characters like Razo are relatable to everyone, no matter their own personality.
Is Razo's character your favorite type to write, or do you like searching out and discovering the more difficult characters?

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