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July 09, 2014



On your website (I think) you said that the title "Enna Burning" has a slightly different meaning in each of the four parts of the book. Did you think about the four different meanings when the book was separated into the four parts, or did you only realize what each part meant later?


I wanted her to resist.

Just wanted to say thank you for doing book club. It's been a _very_ sucky week at work and this helps make things better when I get home.


I was really struggling with my own writing today, so it was good to come and have you remind me that every book is a struggle to some extent! Thanks.


I was definitely rooting for Enna to embrace the fire! I was curious as to what would happen...


I wanted her to resist because of what it had done to Leifer, but at the same time I wanted her to have some kind of gift of language so she could understand what Isi was going through better. I have to tell you this, my daughter has read all of the Bayern books and loved them and when she saw 'Frozen' she said that you could have done the 'language of ice' better. My question is, do you ever feel that Razo snuck his way into the story for the comic relief side of things? He's probably my favorite character in the whole series and to me he does meet that comic relief, but he is so solid and simple as well.


I was rooting for Enna to embrace the fire, but I was also hoping she would resist because of what it did to Leifer so quickly. I love the last line of the chapter. Kicking him in the head is so something I'd've done.

I wonder if just reading the vellum would give someone the ability to fire-speak, or do they have to be born with the ability/tendency and then read the vellum to know what to do?

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