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July 03, 2014



Hello. Long time Lurker coming out of Lurk Mode.

The treasury scene always makes me marvel - it gives the reader exposition for elements of the first book, displays Isi's powers, AND comes off as an enjoyable primer for how the 'magical' powers of their world function, weaving the origin-myth with Isi's own personal observations.

I love seeing how much Enna cares for her brother in this chapter, too, telling Isi how she feels as if he's gotten himself into something and she wishes she could help him back out of it. The whole "if I do this then I can do that" of her ponderings.

Lastly, now that I've read the book through more than once the last line is even more steeped in its intended uncomfortable-ness. It reminds me of things to come, and I involuntarily shudder at the memories more NOW then I did the first time I read the book.


I know that Isi was there when Avlado was born, but I don't think her bond with Falada can really be replicated. (The second part is my interpretation, not canon.)


I love scenes with Geric and Isi. How comfortable they are with each other and how you can tell that as happy as Isi is to see Enna it's not until Geric enters that Isi relaxes. I feel the same way with my husband. Everything is just better when he is there...even if he is messing up the words to one of my favorite songs. ;-)


I noticed when reading Enna Burning again that in this book it says she's 16 and Isi is 18/19 (2 years after GG where she was 16). In Goose Girl I always assumed they were the same age. Was there a particular reason for having Enna younger? Was she younger in your mind in Goose Girl too? Is 18 considered too old for a YA main character?


You said you based the names in your book mainly on German names, yet both Enna and Finn are Gaelic, did you do that purposefully, or not?


How come Conrad is cut completely from Enna Burning?I mean he did play an important part during the good girl, and then just magically appears again in river secrets.

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