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July 02, 2014



Did Isi have a bond with Avlado like she did with Falada?


How do you make up character names that feel so real and represent so well where the person is from? (The forest-born names feel similar, and they are clearly distinct from the names of those in the city, and the Tirans' names.) Also, I remember that in another Bayern book, it's mentioned that Forest names are often complementary within families (like Rin/Razo). Was it hard to come up with a naming system and the names themselves?

(Thanks for doing the book club, by the way! I love reading along and getting the "director's commentary" - a fascinating view into the writing process!)


Personally, I think Embo sounds like a great future husband. They are young and he is already responsible enough to have the foresight to provide for his bride.

I also feel so bad for Finn!

I agree with you about Leifer and fire speaking. It's like reading a spoiler or hearing something that changes your opinion of someone. Some knowledge just can't be unknown.


My grandparents got married during World War II. They were farmers and my grandfather's older brother served in the war so he didn't have to go. Through the end of the war, my grandparents and uncle lived with my great-grandparents and cut wood and prepared it to build their house. As soon as the war was over, they began building their house using the wood they had cut and stored, finishing it just before my mom was born.

As for Leifer, I feel like part of it is that he wanted something special for himself. Enna had lived in the city and was best friends with the princess. He was just a regular old forest boy. The fire speaking ability made him special, too.

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