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June 30, 2014



Wow, "soft porn." I don't think it means what you think it means...

But happy birthday to my favorite Bayern book!


This one is my favorite


So excited for this! Enna Burning is my favorite book of all time. There is something I've always wondered. Did Enna ever tell Finn what she did during the augury? I've always been curious about that/ would love to hear how that conversation went down!

Also, your twitter rant about "soft porn" was hysterical! You're so funny, and I love reading anything you write. Keep being your awesome self!


Wow. I wonder what that person can possibly have been referring to? I'll give her the "classic gateway to romance novels." Wear that one with pride! (I really hope that person doesn't read Dangerous!) But, yeah, of all your novels, to accuse Princess Academy of being soft porn is just ludicrous! (*Not not not* that *any* of your novels are!) Why, I would have described them as "wholesome, fun, and fun-loving" myself.


I love your summer book clubs!


Well then... I just read that review to my husband, 14 year old daughter, and 12 year old son. We've all read Princess Academy and were all pretty puzzled by the review.

Very excited to read Enna Burning along with you the next few weeks. It's been years since I last read it.


Ha! Makes you wonder if they even read the book! Nothing could be more appropriate for "young impressionable teens." Seriously, that just boggles my mind! But I'm way excited for an Enna Burning book club! Last year's was fabulous. I love getting your insights on your writing. Can't wait!


"Soft porn", huh. When I read that review I wasn't sure whether or not to laugh or sit in perplexed puzzlement.

Aside from the review, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ENNA!

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