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March 03, 2014


Emma Galbraith

Read the first few chapters of Dangerous at a bookstore and I loved it! Personally, when I see the "neutral" character that you described in your post, I tend to get bored with him. They all eventually become flat characters. A character needs things that make him/her different to stand out--one of the reasons why I love Maisie but can still relate to her.


Well, I never thought about that issue before. Being a white American but with half of my family from Ecuador, I find it funny how people find that so hard to believe and relate to (being mixed). I consider myself 100% American and 100% Ecuadorian, if that's possible.
I guess on some level we are ALL mixed, even Americans who's families came on the Mayflower. And I'm sure that out there, there will be plenty of readers willing to open up to a new kind of character, who's so unique that she's--shocker!--human.
I personally love to read about these types of characters, as long as the story itself is honest and universally true in some way.
(P.S. I really relate to your characters, especially Miri. Haha... we're both short and I sometimes wish that I could speak to nature too ^_^).

Angela Stone

Ok I finished Dangerous, well read the whole thing today. Best Shannon Hale book EVER! Loved it. Silly, exciting, amazing, wonderful! I laughed and jumped for joy, multiple times chanting "I Love it!" There is a reason I read your books over and over again. They are delightful. This one isn't quite for the younger girl set like the bayern books but is fantastic!!!

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