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August 07, 2013



Yes, Jennifer Coolidge was just perfect. I have question: Did you have her in mind for the part when writing the original book, or do you mean more recently as you were writing the screenplay?


"We both have so much in common. We both love soup... we love snow peas, and talking and not talking. We could talk or not talk forever."

Love. Her.

Kathryn Purdie

Oh, these clips made my day. Thanks for sharing! Jennifer Coolidge blew me away in BEST OF SHOW. I can't wait to see her in AUSTENLAND. And even though I haven't seen BSG (it's on my bucket list), that clip had me rolling!


Hah! Love Coolidge, she always makes me laugh. Great videos, thanks for the share here. Sharing with my facebook friends!

tegan :)

I love Jennifer Coolidge in 'Friends'. She does such a good-bad English accent (just like Miss Charming).
Yay Doctor Who!


Jennifer Coolidge is exactly who I pictured playing that role! She's hilarious :D

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