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July 22, 2013



Ani is like Ammon? Awesome!


I have a question concerning the songs. Do you put them in for us to get a sense of Bayern/Kildenree/Danland culture, or just because, or to set a mood, or why? I really love them, they're the most lyric part of the book.

Susan J.

The geese-defending scene definitely reminded me of Ammon when I was reading this book-- I'm so glad I was right! Just one more little detail that makes me love this book.


Great post! I especially love the connection between Ani and Ammon. :) Also, I love the songs written in your books. They help set the tone, and make the story feel even more authentic, I think.


When you write, do you ever put little bits of dialogues you've heard in real life into your stories?


I've always pictured it so that Kildenree was like France or Austria, Tira was like Spain or someplace mediterranean, and Kel was like Czech Republic or Poland or maybe Belgium. Anyone else feel that way?


I love this because I recently returned from youth conference where the theme was the spirit of Ammon. ^^ I love that you let us, the reader, make our ideas with it.


Also about dialogues, how do you write good dialogues?

Sorry for all the questions, it's just that you've been one of my favorite authors since third grade, and I'm thrilled to have a chance to be sorta-talking to you.


When I was little, we had this VHS series of animated shorts for the lesser known Grimms Fairy Tales and was how I first learned my favorite tale "The Six Swans." Do you remember the first time you learned "The Goose Girl"?


I love the relation between Ani and Ammon-- so interesting!

Ani Brooke

Regarding redheads - I wouldn't expect any redheads in Bayern, because from what I recall of genetics, the redhead gene is separate from the blonde/brunette/black spectrum genes. Noticeably red hair only results with people who are "blonde" on the other spectrum. And obviously, this is a rarity in Bayern.

So where yellow girls are scarce, red girls will be too. :)


I read this chapter just an hour or so ago and totally was thinking about Ammon during the geese-stealing scene. So fun to then come read this post!

I am loving getting your thoughts and insights along with my reading. I've been meaning to read this book for ages - especially since daughters are big fans - so I am very happy for this motivation to read along now. Thanks!

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