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July 16, 2013



Oh my goodness! I love seeing the original names for the characters. Though I have a question about the plaits you mentioned. In that universe, was braids a sign of royalty?


Wow!-- I never would have guessed that your place-holder name for Enna was Pela (as you actually use that name later on). To be perfectly honest, I am SO glad that you decided on Enna-- it fits her so perfectly!


This time around, I read the original fairytale just before starting Goose Girl and so found this parallel. In the original fairytale, the Goose Girl first confesses her real identity to (inside) an iron stove, and in your book she first confesses to Enna, who is also full of fire in more ways than one. Was that the inspiration for Enna's interest in fire, or is that a reach more suited for a high school English paper?


Your note on eye color was really interesting. I hadn't realized that before but it makes so much sense now why the love interest's eye color is always emphasized in a story. I've always wondered this, but when you write a story, do you have a specific theme/moral in mind that you want to portray, or does the story form one on it's own. Or is it different with each book?


Fun! I just looked at the German edition of "Goose Girl" and had noticed that they called him Curdkin. The English translators use Conrad. Somehow you had access to the German edition?

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