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April 08, 2013



I totally agree! I love Dawn too...although the only part of her is what I see on Survivor. She is one of my favorite players.

Camille De Lara

lol. I'm from the Philippines and I never knew that they're shooting Survivors here :)))) Well, its maybe shootings are always secretly done. LOL.

Laura Z M

We love Dawn! She is our all-time favorite survivor!

It's too bad there are no pumpkins in the spring. She deserves a pumpkin carving to honor her performance on Survivor: Caramoan.

Perhaps a limerick . . .


Absolutely! Have you heard of a little group called TwilightMoms? Some of the greatest women ever! When the media became interested and interviewed some of the moms, they made us sound like freaks. I thought the interview I did was because the press was interested in who we were and the dynamic of the group. Nope. They edited our interviews adding their commentary until they had a story for the public that would be of interest. I think the public would have been interested in all the GREAT things that came out of this group, but they weren't. Anyway, my point is that because I've had that experience, I filter everything I watch and read through that lense and know that we're not getting the whole story. It's awesome of you to talk about your friend and all the ways she's great because Heaven knows, the media is NOT going to do that.

Mary Christ

Please please please make another book of bayern please I love them

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