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February 05, 2013


Paula Perkins

I can't even imagine trying to run your life and be responsive to everyone who would like a connection .... you have no reason to ever feel sheepish. I just love your books, that's all. Thanks for sharing your awesome writing skills with us all, we are all better for having picked up one (0r more) of your books, and having made it part of ourselves.


Meh - it's be great if you had time for everyone, sure. But you have a life and shouldn't feel guilty for it. Thank you for such a lovely contribution to this librarian's life! :)

Christine Jarmola

Where or how would I go about discussing the possibility of booking you for the Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc. convention in May, 2014?


Lol, that is an awesome response!

Regina Sirois

This is one of my favorite posts from your blog and I've been following you for years. Thanks for keeping it real and for the nice words.


Hey, this is a good enough response for me! :)


I definitely don't think anyone blames you. I surely don't! You take care of two toddlers, write amazing books, keep up with a blog, and attend both tours and signings... well, let's just say you have a lot on your plate! And, in truth, you have responded to all of our comments - by writing wonderfully unique books!


You shouldn't feel guilty at all, to respond to everyone and live your life would be impossible! Thanks for writing great books and an awesome blog.


You were already my favorite author and you just got more amazing!




I consider each of your insightful/clever/funny blog posts a personal letter to me. It makes me happy/excited/thrilled each time I see there's a new one in my reader.


You are amazing. I'm recently unemployed and I still can't seem to keep up with my email. I would be frightened if you responded to everyone.


*big smile* You made me so happy when you recognized my name when I met you at the National Book Festival, Shannon! And I still tweet you when I blog about your books. But do be aware that those of us who have any clue to your life ("Mother of twins." Say no more.) don't expect a response any time soon!


So that's why you never responded to my "Please reply now to claim your million dollar prize" emails.

Maybe I should start forwarding those on to your agent.....


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