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January 28, 2013


Connie Onnie

I love the details like the way you can see Lady Amelia (Georgia King) tilt her head as if listening but not showing Mr Nobley (JJ Feild).
Again in the shooting scene I love all the faces of Lady Amelia watching Mr.Nobley, Mr. Nobley watching Jane and then lastly Martin watching and wooing Jane. Bless you ladies for giving Bret a chance to be a romantic lead, it is a dream come true, literally.


1. I love the shirtless Mr. East.

2. I am DEVASTATED that all my attempts to buy tickets (my randomly assigned locals-only ticket purchasing timeslot fell after all the showings had already sold out!), and later do the waitlist, ended in me not being able to get into a single screening! Hoping KSL is correctly reporting that this will get a summer release. I've loved following this journey!


Love it! Can't wait to see the movie!


I am so excited to see this.

A.J. Dub

They look amazing! I can't wait to see it. Great job all!


Definitely just watched both clips 5+ times in a row each. Laughing out loud! For one second I was totally shocked by the shirtless Mr. East, but then I just busted out laughing because it's totally catering to the Austenland fantasy. Hilarious!


Wooooo! I am so excited to see this! Thanks for the preview!

A Cooper

A few nights ago I was reading thru Midnight in Austenland (again) and didn't realize I had a huge grin on my face. My hubby brought it to my attention and all I could say was "I love Shannon Hale!". After watching these clips, I'm having the same reaction - Grinning and saying "I love Shannon Hale!" Thanks for brightening my day!


Oh, wow! I can't wait for this. SO happy that Sony picked it up for distribution. Plus, I love how much fun you all look like you had! What a great crew!


I liked them both. Although I was a little disappointed in part two: I wanted Jane's flippant couldn't-care-less-really attitude to show through a little more— the music clearly marked it as a "sad" point. (But then, I'm guessing in the movie they tweaked some arcs.)


Loved the book, loved the movie, love these clips! I think that all of the casting was done by a genius. I'm sorry for anyone who wasn't able to get into a showing. I was lucky enough to have an early locals-only purchasing date. I'm really sorry it didn't win any awards. I think someone stuffed the ballot box.

Alene Duersch Cutler

Keri Russell and Jane Seymour! What?! Now I really can't wait to see this film!


I read the book a few years ago and it sadly didn't grab me, which is odd considering I LOVE Shannon Hale's work. I think the prose is witty and charming, the characters (especially the females) strong and well developed, and the plots very creative. Overall, Shannon's books just make me all warm and fuzzy inside! Watching this clip has gotten me all excited about the movie; it looks fantastic. Do I have to say anything more when Jane Seymour is involved? :) I also think I might give the book another go, because as Vladimir Nabokov says, "A good reader, a major reader, an active and creative reader is a rereader."


Happy Birthday fellow mid-late 30-something Capricorn! Looks like a wornedful birthday. I did the same on my day, December 29th!Got my eyebrows threaded, had a crepe, got a new computer bag ect. 2011- Onward & Upward. Chris (from scratch club)

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