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December 17, 2012



Super cool. I'm hoping to get into a showing during the festival. Wish they'd just go on sale so I could surprise my wife with a pair of tickets in her stocking for Christmas. :)

Really enjoyed the book. Looking forward to seeing how well this translates to the screen.

Oh, and P.S., the UK covers are super cute.


I ADORE the UK covers!

Jaya Lakshmi

Speaking as someone rereading Austenland via audiobook, it looks like they've rendered Jane's illustrated profile perfectly. And Charlotte looks like a Regency England femme fatale in the second, like a belle who will investigate a murder mystery.


why are UK covers almost always cooler than US covers? very nice!


Totally agree with Kristen. Those covers are GORGEOUS.


Gorgeous covers. I might need a second copy of both. . .:)


Love both of the covers. Super cute!

Amelia Loken

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! <3


I love the covers--probably my favorite so far, though the dress in the second one reminds me of Beauty and the Beast.


Oh, I like these...so sophisticated.

Zena Parks

Yay! How fun are these!? This new trend of cutesy cartoon covers (and, more specifically, blog headers) is super. I like these covers a lot - the second more than the first. Congrats on getting them out in the UK!

Sophie @ MMA Gear

The UK covers look great and the colours are nice too.


Oooooooooh. Gorgeous. I love how sassy Jane looks on the Austenland cover.


I love them!


Very cute covers, but they look like the same person on each cover, which is a little deceptive.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Very artsy! I love, love, love and wish I could own them (along with the Spanish cover of Goose Girl).


I have my locals pre-registration in place, just waiting to get the official "Okay, you may now order your tickets" notification. And it looks like all but one of the dates is doable for us. Wah freaking hoo! So excited.

And I, too, agree that the international covers are amazing. I like the U.S. covers, but I prefer most of the international ones.


I think you should dress up in regency fashion and update your picture on this site in honour of this movie.

Rachel C

Oh my gosh, those are soooo cute!!!! :)

Amy F

I love the covers, I'm just wondering about the death-by-shoes heels...


I love these covers. Will the movie make it to Colorado? I just love Austenland.

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k grange

Love the covers. Read it over Thanksgiving break when I was visiting Janae. Loved both of your recent sequels (for Princess Academy and Austenland). Excellent work once again!

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