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October 08, 2012



Oh my gosh, I remember following you pregnancy on you blog! I was so excited when the twins were born, even though I had never met you! They have gotten so big! Its crazy. :)

Shelly Brown

I have that same toilet dream so those bathrooms really creep me out.


OH MY GOSH THE PANEL AT BOOKS OF WONDER. Every one of those authors has been important to me in my life. So wish I could have been there!

Also, I have that same bathroom dream, too.


It was wonderful to see you in Baltimore, and I so wish that I could be there in Utah at the Libba Bray event, because you two are give the most fabulous presentation ever.

Or SH could stand for Sherlock Holmes.

I can't believe the twins are so old. They're adorable.


You look like you had an awesome time and those bathrooms ARE SO CREEPY! I have never personally had a dream like yours, but I have dreamed that I've shown up to school naked... yeah...
PS That is a HUGE roll of rejections... and yet you published Goose Girl. :)


I was so glad I got to go see you in Baltimore! Even if I did act like a total idiot, and even if you decided not to buy the house across the street. Ah well. Oh, also, the pic of the doll made me laugh--my daughters have that same doll, though (thankfully) it does not have a masking tape face.


I have had the same dream (nightmare) of a bathroom with no walls. The worst.

Amber Argyle

So fun! Love meeting my fans. :)


Not on subject at all... but I would love to hear about the first time you visited the ocean. This first experience plays a part in Palace of Stone as well as River Secrets. Was it memorable for you?


I wish I could have gone to one of your events--you seem like such a fun person.

Reading through the comments is funny because...I have that bathroom dream too! You're not alone, Shannon. At all.

Donna Nolan

It looks so fun - except for the creepy bathrooms. I would not have been able to make myself use those. I would have had to hold it in all day!

Lori Folkman

Looks like so much fun! If only your tour would have brought you back to MT. Sigh. :)


One busy lady! Absolutely loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing! <3


How fun!

Those bathroom doors are really creepy. I often have dreams where I *really* need to go and every toilet has people looking at it and I just can't go in front of them. So great. Now my mind will add clear doors to the list of unusable bathrooms.

Alysa (Ruby Diamond)

I absolutely can't believe I forgot to take a picture of us together! I had loads of chances! We will just have to see each other again sometime, I suppose.

I took notes of what the panel said (mostly Richard Peck, let's be honest). I'll have to type those up!

Have totally had that dream.

Am giving away one of the copies of Palace of Stone you signed for me, here! http://www.evereadbooks.com/2012/10/kidlitcon-2012-day-0-palace-of-stone.html

Also I just finished Mr. Nathan Hale's One Dead Spy and I say it is fanTAStic!


I just have to say I'm so excited to read Palace of Stone. My daughter is 11 and I am having her read Princess Academy so we can read Palace together. Loved all the pictures. And, ya, those bathroom doors, creepy!

Zena Parks

Oh, how fun! Love the pictures - like everyone else, those bathrooms would scare me out of using them :)

Glad you had a good time, and glad you're back! Once you've had time to reacquaint yourself with the kiddos, what's the game plan? What are you working on these days?


PLEASE come to Canada!!!

Miss Erin

Southern California!! Oh oh oh! I was so bummed you didn't come here on your tour, but now I see you're coming after all - YAY.


You make the best camera faces!

Tauna Neerings

I too have weird bathroom dreams! I've come to the conclusion that it's my sub-conscience making sure I don't wet the bed. If there are no doors on the bathroom and it's in a public place, I'm obviously going to hold it and keep searching. Right about that time I wake up and realize that I have to go to the bathroom really, really, badly!!

Love you Shannon, and miss you so much! You're kids are getting big way too fast!

Tauna Neerings

I mean *Your kids, not 'you're kids' . . . the misuse of that word drives me nuts and there I go screwing it up and looking like an idiot! :P


I have that same reoccurring bathroom dream!


I need one of those shirts. I also need a strip of blue fabric but that's not the point.


Im sorry to inform you that Georgia had its very best weather for you that weekend. It was gorgeous, according to us southerners. I guess Utah is a lot less humid! Maybe I should move there and escape the summer heat....

Em B.

Oh my goodness, Shannon! Your girls are so cute!


Puh-leeeeeeease come to St. George sometime this winter! You've got to give Sourthern Utah some book tour love! How about on your way to California?


Those pictures are so awesome! I love your willingness to go out and pose with your fans! It shows what a great person you are!


Why are bathroom dreams so common?! I have them too! They are open and people are around, people other than my children who are often present. It always means I need to wake up and go. :-D
I just finished the Books of Bayern. One day I will meet one of my fave authors.

Karen Bingham

One comment and one question: PLease please please come back to the Wellesley Booksmith (wellesley, ma)
question: Is Richard Peck as hilarious in person as his books are to read? I mean does it get much better than outloud guffaws of pleasure while reading A Year Down Yonder and A Long Way From Chicago? I submit, no it does not!! So glad you had a wonderful time!


I am in the same exact position right now ! I want to slap that child aorscs her face so bad I can't stand it! I'm going to give it more time because I love my boyfriend but I am getting very sick of it and I think about calling it quits almost every day, it is so hard! and of course he thinks his daughter is innocent. The bedroom thing is not fair for your daughters, especialy since his girl is only there every other weekend. After you get married that would be the first thing to change, she can take turns sleeping in the girls rooms or sleep in the living room, you're girls shouldn't pay the price! I feel for you. good luck!!


if he sees nothing wrong with it then i would leave it alone. pehpars this is how he was raised. besides, it is his house and she is his daughter. you raise your kids the way you see fit and respect him enough to let him do the same. continue to raise your children as you have been and pehpars one day he will decide to try things your way.


The Changeling: I concur 200%! but why bring up the suecjbt of bombs from the get-go!??? especially when you have right here in our backyard in Bed-Stuy nabe (e.g., kids, teens & adults) being killed by stray bullets from illegal hand guns!Bombs are usually somewhere else in a different part of the world! where peeps from the hood; couldn't point too on a global map. and to have a so-called Blues (Bombs) benefit in the face of these killings right here; w/out a single word spoken about it just speaks volumes on how they think about the ppl from the Bed-Stuy.Go figure1?


I always make sure that I go pee first, you know, just to make sure that an extra lb gets out befroe I weigh in. I'm kind of a weirdo though. When I get really obsessed I will weigh myself two to three times a day just to see if changes throughout the day.I know- obsessive compulsive much?


Hey Dom!Big fan of all your work, just wanted a bit of avdice as ive been asked to shoot my first solo wedding on saturday (its only 30 people attending), ive assised 2 before, but would like some avdice from someone that has experience in that area. Im an 18 year old photography student, and would be using a nikon d300s d90 with a 24-120, sigma 10-20, nikon 35mm f1.8 for the day, with an sb-900. do you have any tips you could give me? ie lighting positions, flash etc?ThanksGareth


Great video! Once I take my photo with a camera, will I know right away if the flash or the lens took the shot colcrrtey meaning is there a screen on the cameras that will show me the shot or should I not worry about that and just keep shooting?Also, do you use Photo Shop to add extra effects to your wedding photos or is it best to leave the photos more natural and straight from the camera? Thanks for your help. I am new to photography.


There are paints for khteicn and bath and I would strongly recommend using that.You can get it in a matte finish.I painted my bathroom not long ago and did it all the same color.Ceiling and walls.I really like it and it's the first time I've done that.Don't use regular paint as it won't stand up in a bathroom.Good Luck with the painting.


So, for my wedding phgotoraphy, I'm thinking a 70-200 f/2.8 on a full frame camera, and a decent wide angle to normal zoom, such as a 24-70 or and 14-24 or 17-40, also on a full frame camera, perhaps a 5D mk. II or D700? And drop a 100mm or 105mm macro in the pocket and a little normal lens such as a 50mm f/1.4 or 1.8? What do you think?


Alaefs Posted on si claro es facil para el que sabe usarlo, pero hay alnuogs que queremos aprender a usarlo y en los tutoriales no se puede dar por sentado lo que uno conoce o no, se supone que es para todo el mundo, no es cierto?Con esto quiero decirte que no me parece correcta la respuesta que le has dado a nose . Los tutoriales no son para quien sabe, sino para quien quiere aprender.


Alex Posted on Janmi no hagas caso a nadie, lo has explicado de lujo y a mi me ha sadlio bastante bien. Otra cosa es que vengan de listos los deme1s y se quieran hacer los pros en el photoshop y claro, si no tienes conocimientos be1sicos, dificil veo hacer este tutorial Un saludo y gracias Janmi!


I was at Olive Garden and my 3 year old tells me she needs to go potty. I take her into the bathroom and sit her on the big potty and she dedcies she can do it herself. So I am like ok and stood back. Before I could stop her she scooted back and plopped right into the potty. I start laughing and thinking should I get her or take a picture? I get her out of course and all the way back to the table she kept saying loudly 'I fell in the potty and got my butt wet, mom!'


Vicki (: Posted on por favor alguien me puede ayadur con los primeros 6 capitulos del libroo ? :/ se los voi a agradecer muchisimo .agregen cualqier cosita :


in total, they kept him 5 days not knowing 100%. That suekcd@TAT I'm still hoping!@Laialy_q8 me too, I hope the doctors are wrong@Ansam I think that's the only thing we can cling on too, hope and faith@Shaymaa thank you, it means alot.@Sunshine thank you!@Jacqui we get more results on thursday!@Lavendera9 all I can do right now is to try make him smile.@nannOo thank you, I just hope he's not in pain@Midoe enahalla!@nono *sigh*


Believe me when I say I know how you feel been there, and inshalla he will be fine. Maskeen walla I feel so bad for him and being hespells kills, but you are a strong woman :-)I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers *Hugs*

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