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August 01, 2012



I tried to read a chapter a day, but on the third day I gave up and finished the book. PA is to exciting for me to only read one chapter a day! It's been really great to follow your thoughts on each chapter! Thanks for doing this!


I've read the chapter (or two) a day along with you. It's been hard, but I've forced myself to stick to it. Not reading the very last chapter last night after reading this one was the hardest! My mom, however, reached about halfway through and finished it. She couldn't wait. Maybe that's because it was her first time reading it while I read it once before.

I think you could say the mountain did indeed send the snow (and stop it) when needed. "The mountain" could be replaced with nature, God, the universe, or whatever you believe controls the snow. It was a blessing for them.

I definitely, without a doubt, want Miri and Peder to end up together. At this point the first time I read it I thought the prince would return and pick Miri. I was torn between whether Miri would accept or reject his offer.


I've somehow managed to stick to just reading a chapter a day too--but it was a challenge!


Even though it practically killed me, I did in fact read it a chapter a day!! The weekends were horrible!!! ;)

Alysa (Ruby Diamond)

I jumped in with you in the middle, since I forgot my copy when I went on vacation. I had to do 2 chapters when the bandits were here, but otherwise I've stayed with you! It helps that I've read the book before.

Question for you: If I bring my copy of Scapegoat to a Palace of Stone signing, will you sign it? ;)


I hadn't been reading along when you first started the book club, but I rented it at the library a few days ago, got so excited to be reading Princess Academy again, and read the whole thing in 2 days!!! The last time I read it, it took me over a month, I know. (I was 11 at the time. I'm 15 now.)


It is disappointing when you think one thing, and then the author writes a sequel and your hopes/thoughts are dashed... Reading a chapter a day is horrifying when I'm reading a book I like, I always read ahead without knowing it.


I forgot to include this in my last comment: I always wanted Miri to end up with Peder, and I knew from the moment (sentence?) that Britta was mentioned that he'd pick her. For Palace of Stone, I'm hoping Peder and Miri get engaged, and she spends a few months in the palace every year, and the rest of the time on Mount Eskel. The library in the palace sounds divine...


I know you don't talk about anything that's not in the book but every time I read this chapter I can't help wondering what Marda is doing while the whole confrontation between the villagers and the bandits is occurring. You never mention that she is there with the villagers and I think Pa would not have let her come anyway. She must be worried out of her mind sitting at home wondering what's happening. Or, I wonder, was she even woken up when the rest of the villagers left?

By the way I am loving this book club. I've been trying to do a chapter a day but I've been so busy that I've had to do three or four some days to catch up!


I had actually just finished the rereading the book when I discovered you were doing these posts, so perfect timing! Do you prefer handwritten notes and drafts or working on the computer better? And what are your thoughts on choosing titles for your books? Thanks for being awesome!! :)


I am impressed by everyone who managed to stick to reading one chapter a day! I agree that it would probably be more possible for second+ time readers, but I couldnt do it. Not enough patience in me!


Strange that there should be a new cover almost identical to the last one, but with a different girl. I prefer the other, because she looks younger and more like Miri, but it's still nice. I also love the artwork of the third cover.


I just read Princess Academy for the first time and found your reading group for the upcoming book. I really liked the visuals you were able to produce of the mountain village. I loved the way everyone in the village is naturally singing. I spent some time in a mountain village in Switzerland and the entire town had a natural sing song quality to their speech. I couldn't help but be reminded of that place from your book. I love that Mt Eskel is an actual character in the book, helping the towns people keep her safe from harm. And the conversation Britta and Miri have about Mt Eskel needing an academy not necessarily a princess resonated. Sometimes we need to know what the character feels about what has gone on. I liked it.

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