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August 09, 2012



Love it!

Allison Madsen

Love it! I am a bit hesitant because I LOVED Princess Academy SO much. . .but I am still excited!

Rin Isilee

It's lovely!


Did you choose the music? It was beautiful, much more royal city feel than I feel with the Mount Eskel songs, which I love too, but it really helps put the setting of the book into perspective. Reminds us that we're leaving the mountain for a new adventure! I can't wait!

Ashley R.

I love it so much! Beautiful.

Kathryn @ Clean Teen Fiction

It's so pretty!! They did a fantastic job!

Robin Weeks (@Robin_Weeks)

LOL--do you have any friends who AREN'T named Stephanie/Stephenie? Very cool--can't wait to read it!


I love the music... why are both of the reviews by someone called Stephanie/Stephenie?


My friend and I are so excited for the book! We adore Princess Acadamy! I love the trailer. I have to have my friend watch it. We are currently counting down the days until it comes out! Eleven more days!



Maren Nield

Beautiful! I loved the music! The artwork! Everything! Amazing!


I'm going right now to get on that Facebook page!


Love it! But cant you put the book out on sale already? Im so excited! And your writing is better than Stephanie Meyers anyday!


I was lucky enough to get an ARC from the Facebook page, and honestly, that trailer does it no good! It's been a while since you've written about the Princess Academy, so I was really worried it might've lost a bit of it's magic (a lot of authors I've read have had that happen in their sequels when they've waited to write it), but I thought it was really beautifully written! I enjoyed every moment of it. For sure, one of the best summer reads!

Ashley R.

Oh, so excited! I can't wait! This book can't come out fast enough.

Amelia Loken

OOOOOO! So very excited! Love it!

Elizabeth Anker

Lovely trailer! For a FANTASTIC book!
Alamosa Books

Katie Boord

Can't wait to read it!!


Awww lovely! The music is wonderful. I. Can't. Wait. For. This. Book.


I adore all of your books. This trailer is very simple and quietly dramatic. Lovely. However, I know Stephenie Meyer is famous--but isn't she exactly not as celebrated, and isn't Bella a feminist's nightmare? I honestly love you and still am waiting for Palace of Stone to arrive at my porch, but...(shrugs) Shephenie Meyer?

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