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July 31, 2012



The ending of this chapter always worries me. How could Miri's father have been sure that the mallet wouldn't hit her instead of Dan?


You mentioned that you switched some of Peder's actions in this chapter to Miri's pa. How did you decide what to have Miri's pa do, and which actions to keep for Peder? I love how perfectly both Pa and Peder's actions in this chapter fit the characters. One of my absolute favorite parts of this book is Peder hearing Miri's quarry speech and caring about her and trusting her enough to get all the villagers together to go rescue the academy girls. I just love that Peder does that -- it's so sweet :)


You're the AUTHOR, if you're not the Sole Voice of Authority, who is?


A question: Why are you using the new cover of Princess Academy? Why not one of the two old ones?



Obviously I'm not Mrs. Hale, but my guess it that she uses the new covers for all of her books on her site because that's what's available for sale (new). I'm sure it lessens confusion for new fans and casual stoppers by.


How do you start a book after you've had an idea? Do you plan out the plot and subplots or just start writing?


I love, love, love both Pa and Peder in this chapter. I love how in tune with Miri's quarry speech Peder clearly is. My heart sure was thumping a bit reading this chapter.


I just wanted to let you know that Miri's relationship with her father is what made me LOVE PA so much. In fact, it has brought me to tears each time I have read this book. I grew up in a household of 7 boys and 1 sis, and ALL of them were into sports except for me. I didn't realize until I was older that my dad didn't really know how to connect with me/support because of that. We now have a very close relationship (I'm now 32), and I could SO relate to Miri's emotions throughout the entire book. Just thinking about it is making me tear up now! Anyways...just wanted to use this as an opportunity to say THANKS! Thanks for the book, for the summer read-a-long, for all of your efforts as a writer! And while I'm at it...thanks for Book of a Thousand Days too...one of my all time favorites.

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