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July 09, 2012



Hey Shannon! Every time I read about the rat, I squeal right along with Miri! I definitely identify with Miri because I am super small too. I guess this is more from the first chapter but for me, it carries throughout. It is the line, "...at age fourteen [she] was smaller than girls years younger," (12). I am 18 now and strangers think I am twelve. I am glad to see a main character who doesn't let her height stop her! Now for my question...I am always really interested in the small details, so I was wondering, if Miri had gone to Olana and asked to borrow a book, would she really have lent it to Miri? Olana just seems like she is full of empty promises. Also, from page 71, for how long was Miri really supposed to be in the closet? Miri asked but Olana never answered. Thank you for being such an amazing author! :)

Audrey S.

Quarry-speech always reminds me of the Healing songs from "Book of a Thousand Days" - seemingly unrelated to the situation at hand, and yet somehow ... perfect for it. It's interesting to think of all the ways that sound, and words, can help someone get through a situation.

Were the quarry-speech songs based, at all, on something you've heard in real life?

Mary mom of 4

I'm curious if you hear a melody with the words of your poems? :) Love this book!

Mary mom of 4

er... poems should read 'songs?'


I absolutely love the phrase "Winter kept falling from the sky..." The image it conjures up is just lovely. I read it and had to go back and reread it a couple times because I like it that much.

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