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July 27, 2012



Hi Shannon! I've been a long follower of your blog (read: lurker), and through your posts I have come to learn a lot about the writing process--especially the importance of writing multiple drafts and cutting, cutting, cutting. My question was (and I'm sorry if it's a repeat!), what do you classify as a draft? Not the first draft, but the subsequent ones. Do you go through the first draft and, once you finish going through the last scene, call it a second one? Or do you rewrite your novel from scratch? Or...what? I'd really love to know, and maybe learn from your definition.

Thank you!


I think the bandit chapters are great and, really, a bit necessary. If the girls just continued learning the same things they had been learning before as they stayed at the Academy through the winter, it would have just been boring and repetitive. Especially since they were so sure that bandits would never come again to Mt. Eskel, I just really like the bandits showing up like they do. I love how they all claim to have been told they'd be princess. Frid's courage is amazing.


I agree that it is necessary to show character growth and the way the girls have banded together. What would they have done in the same situation a year ago? Probably something very different. And I love this chapter...it reminds me of the teenage girl version of "I'm Spartacus!" :D


I think that (for me) the bandit chapters are indispensible. They abruptly change the story and make me get worried sick about the characters. I finished rereading PA yesterday and I was still worried about the girls even though I knew the outcome. I needed the action at that point of the story because it had looked like that winter would almost parallel the previous one. It also made it possible for me to see more of the girls, and how much they’ve grown. I also noticed that Katar is now siding with Miri. After Miri and Britta, Katar is the character I connect the most with and I was happy to see her change, not all minor characters are flat. Though tense parts of stories make me freak out (I really will shut a book and pace for an hour and worry about characters sometimes), I need them to stay invested in the story. I don’t think I would have like PA as much if these chapters weren’t in there.

Rin Isilee

LOVE Frid. And Esa. And every single one of the girls for saying "You liar! He picked ME!" It's my favorite part in the book.


I just couldn't do it, I broke. After reading your last post I finished the book, it's just too good to only read one chapter a day.


Oh, Frid. She reminds me so much of my best friend, who is coincidentally named Miriam.

Ashley R.

What time is the book launch on August 21?

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