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July 25, 2012


Rin Isilee

I can sympathize with your joke problem. I tend to joke with a straight face and sarcasm so heavy it's practically undetectable.


Hi, I've got a question! With editing, are there times when editors tell you to change things that you'd rather not change (stuff that's important to the plot, etc.)? How do you deal with that when it happens?

And I voted for The Goose Girl on NPR. :)


You're right; it was so hard to pick just ten! I was horrified when the screen flashed and wouldn't let me pick any more. I just wish there was a way to see the list again so I could look up the books I haven't read yet and add them to my ever-growing reading list :)
Thank you for posting these; they're so much fun to read! PA might be my favorite of your YA books. Or maybe Goose Girl...


Just letting you know that my preteen daughter and I read PA together last year (along w/The Witch of Blackbird Pond-- don't you love that book?!), and I know that the experience will always be one of those special memories. Thank you!


I asked this earlier but alas you were busy so I will just ask again :) If you had the chance to jump into one of your books and be a character for a week, who would you choose? And what about a character from a book not written by yourself? My choice would be Miri and Luna Lovegood :)


Jokes told with a straight face are seriously the best. My dad is the king of doing just that. I was a little startled when Miri told the Prince no, because for a second there I thought she was serious. And then it was so funny to me that she was just making a joke.

After Miri and Steffan talked I liked the prince more, but I still didn't want Miri to end up with him. I was actually a little sad that he said she was the most enjoyable. I was just Team Peder from the start I guess.

One thing I noticed during Miri and Steffan's talk was, like when Miri used the Rules talking to Peder, the Rules of Conversation are seriously stuffy and don't lend themselves to a decent conversation at all. If Steffan wanted to get to know these girls and be able to pick his future wife, all of them adhering to those rules wasn't going to help him much in my opinion.

Zena Parks

Thanks Shannon! I appreciate the feedback--and thanks for sending me to the list of great books to vote on--such a hard choice, there are so many great books on the list!


Jokes are unpredictable--so much of the funniness depends on what the recipient of the joke has experienced in life. I both love and mourn that.

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