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July 20, 2012



Reading your thoughts on Princess Academy just makes me more excited for when Palace of Stone will come out! I can't wait. Is there any chance you would ever come to Northern California? You have a lot of fans here!


Seeing your images of Palace of Stone on your tumblr was amazing for me, because now it feels more real; now I've realized that there really is going to be a sequel to PA, and in about a month I'm going to be reading it!


I was so excited to see Baltimore make the list of tour cities, and my mother has already agreed - like it was hardly even a matter to consider - to drive me, so now I'm even more excited. Although I wish I could be at the Utah event with Libba Bray; you two are AWESOME together.


If only I had a way from Provo to SLC to go to get Palace of Stone next month! Sigh...I guess I'll just have to wait until the BYU bookstore has it, or the Provo library does, or my mom decides to buy it on her Kindle (which is linked to my iPod). Why must I wait for these things, why???


My BIL served two years in Guatemala and has said something very similar about shoes. Good shoes, purchased in the States before leaving, became very important. Those whose shoes wore out couldn't just run to the store and find good replacements in most areas.


I love the back of Palace of Stone... especially the nice swirly design thing under the blurbs.


I love the first chapter of Palace of Stone, if it is the first chapter.


hi shannon! in the last week, I've reread every single book of yours. it was lovely for me to go back to all these stories that I loved so much and haven't had time to visit these last few years in college. your books are always so full of real emotion. I can feel it coming off the pages. anyway, my question is after bloomsbury redid all the covers of your books, they released an edition of forest born in the nice illustrated cover like the original three. I was wondering if you knew of any plans to do the same with palace of stone or if it was only being released in the new cover style? I must tell you, the illustrated covers make me smile and I get sad thinking of the palace of stone being the only one in the new cover style on my shelf.


I just read the first chapter of Palace of Stone on the link on the side and now I don't know how I will ever be able to wait! What day is it coming out? I want to get it right away!


Question for you! If you had the chance to jump into one of your books and be a character for a week which character would you choose? I'd have to say I'd love to be Miri for a day or two... Or maybe my entire life :)

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