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July 19, 2012



I loved this chapter, it made me cry. All her feelings of being useless and unimportant come to a head. Love Doter. To learn to feel value just for being and to know how much you ate really loved. "You are your mother come alive again." I just really loved the whole thing and Britta confronting her on her feelings for Peder. Is just perfect for the exact middle of the book.


Ooooooh, why do you tease us so, Shannon? Why? I want to hold that gorgeous book in my hands and devour its story, but I can't yet...
I also love how in this chapter, after the trading, Miri takes Britta out and tells her all the stories of the village to make her feel more at home. It's so sweet and kind. Such a true friend.


I don't think I'd know how best to use a wish. It would be hard to figure out what is just right. What I need.


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I love the cover of 'Palace of Stone'! The only thing I noticed were the braids in the cover girl's hair. They looked very awkward with the flower and everything. But hopefully, this was just because of the lighting in the picture or something...

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