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July 16, 2012



I just love the conversation between Peder and Miri. It's a pretty serious conversation but there's Miri trying to practice the rules of Conversation and Peder isn't quite sure what to think of how she's talking to him. It's certainly not how they've talked all their lives. I love it when they both get over the initial formality and get back to the old comfort they had before the Princess Academy thing came up in the first place.

I really like all the similes. I think it gives your books a rather poetic quality.


That conversation is definitely my favorite too. :)


After I first read Princess Acadamy, I came back and read this chapter over and over. I love it too! Also, my favorite part of your writing is your similes, so keep on writing them!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

I love these posts! Here's my question: When you decided that you wanted to be a writer, was it solely because you loved writing, or did multiple things help you decide that? For example, you had a goal of uplifting others, you wanted others to read what you had written, etc. How much of your desire to write should come from the love of writing, and how much should come from other reasons? I struggle with this. Sometimes I think I love to write. Other times I think I hate it. It's so hard! There's so much involved! Any words of wisdom?


Peder and Miri's conversation is my favorite part of the book too! When I first read this book, I was like:
When Peder kissed her on the cheek. It made me so happy =D.

I was wondering if you used an atcual relationship that you knew about as a frame for Peder's and Miri's relationship.
And I'm not sure if someone already asked this question,but how much research do you do on the country your story setting is based on? Like, do you just research on the Internet and kind of make up the rest or do you like read a lot of real books on the country?

Sorry if I reasked that question.

I hope I get to see more of Peder in "Palace of Stone"! I wish it was out already. I feel like I can't wait!


"Miri hesitated, but his attention was irresistible, and she had a thousand stories trembling on her tongue." <--This might be my favorite line. So, so beautiful.

Also I love the similes too. It's fantastic to read works by authors who truly love language, especially language that heightens the images or senses within the story. While some people may not like similes, I devour them like cake. :P


I just want to say thank you for hosting this book club. It's been something for me to look forward to every day. I wish more authors would do this--and am so glad you'll be doing The Goose Girl next year!!


This is such a great idea, Shannon! I love hearing about your writing process and the story behind the story. You must be so disciplined to be able to even finish a first draft! And I love your similes, so never stop!
It is amazing how easy it is to relate to Peder and Miri's conversations, they are so perfect together. Was there ever a time when you were writing PA that you thought Peder and Miri might not work?


I'm not sure if this has been asked already. If it has, please ignore it. How long does it take you to write a first draft? And are you given a choice about the cover of your book?


I'm afraid I'm guilty of stealing some of these similes: I really love how you use them so naturally. My Q is: How much insperation do you take from other writers, if any? Do you take a character, or chapter, and then make it your own? Because I know I do...

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