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June 04, 2012



Love it! Can't wait for the novel!! I've missed Miri almost as much as my Bayern friends haha


What a brilliant teaser! Now I'm not so sure I can wait patiently for it to come out...


Oh I loved this! Just the first paragraph alone- worth the wait :) You're a beautiful writer!


The ARC is my reward for finishing finals. (Saturday! Saturday!)

Karen Adair

LOVE!!!!! Need moooooooooooore. :) Can't wait!


I love it I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really can't wait until Palace of Stone comes out! I have red Princess Academy like 20 times and kept dreaming of the day when this book would happen! Thank you! I cant wait!


Awesome! I just finished re-reading Princess Academy in preparation for the sequel, so this was super fun to read. Can't wait!

Angela Stone

I got chills...I'm so silly....I am so excited for this book!


What a teaser! Love it!


Aww, that was so awesome!!! MORE PLEASE!!!


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! But now waiting is going to be so much harder, agghhhhhhhhhhh.


Love it! Love the part about sunshine pooling in Miri's hands and how she can't remember what it feels like to be cold during the summer. I feel the same way.


this was torturous!!! I NEED more! how long do I have to wait?


I'm realizing I must re-read Princess Academy before Palace of Stone comes out!



Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Squeeee!!!! I'm in love!!!!


I CAN NOT wait. I think I died when I read the end.




I Want MORE!!!! Can't wait to read Palace of Stone!

Ashley R.

OH, MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting! I cannot wait! The end is so suspenseful! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it! Thank you!!!!!!!!


AHHHH!! I'm so excited for this book! Thank you SO much, Shannon, for writing it. I'm just about DYING with anticipation


I need to read Palace of Stone!!!!


I can't even make a the right groaning sound in words. I actually have to wait two months, two weeks and three days, to read this book. I'm more excited than ever now. I don't think I can stand it. I suppose I have to. Well, life goes on.


I don't think I can wait! I am rereading Princess Academy now to fill the time (and just because I love the story).

About the cover, is that the same model for both Princess Academy and Palace of Stone? If not, they look very similar.


It's so amazing!!! I can't wait to read Palace of Stone. It seems like much too long of a wait. :)


This was absolutely lovely...but it makes me even more impatient for Palace of Stone! :)


Cruel, just cruel... Thank you very much, Mrs. Hale. If I couldn't wait before, I MOST certainly can't now!

What am I to do with myself? Ooooh, I remember, I'll go re-read Princess Academy and maybe the Boks of Bayern. :-)


I am so psyched for this book to come out. The cover looks awesome and now I'm even more excited because the sneak peek inside Palace of Stone was amazing! I'll be one of the first to buy it!


Confession: I screamed/squealed in excitement after reading this post.


WHAAAT!? Awesome. You took me right back there.I think I'll just sit and wait with Miri and Peder until the story continues. Thanks.


Oh.....I cannot wait!!!!! So exciting.


This is beautiful but I CANNOT wait until August to read this!!!!!! Thank you Shannon for sharing this with all of us!!!!!!! We love you!!!! :D

Shyrie Chopra

This is awesome:) Waiting eagerly for it to come out!!!!

Sheralyn Milton

Thank goodness I have learned to find other books to keep me busy or I would be incredbily annoying to live with waiting for this book!


MUST READ!!! LIKE NOW!! I am buying this book the MINUTE it comes out in stores!!! Sooo exited! :D


Dear Shannon, why do you do this to us? Post such a tantalizing taste, when we can't go eat the whole thing up. It's just unfair. Utterly, spectacularly, sensationally unfair.
But it was beautiful! I think I may print it out and stick it in the copy of my book when some day.

Kate Coombs

Hooray! Thanks for the teaser. And let us also note that your book jacket for Palace of Stone looks kind of like your blog portrait at its immediate left. Coincidence? :)

Connie Onnie

Finished re-reading Princess Academy last night. I am so glad I decided to wait to read the unpublished prologue till I had the ARC in hand. So excited to start Palace of Stone tonight!!!

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