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June 15, 2012


Jaya Lakshmi

Thank you, Shannon! This is a treat since Little Red Reading Hood was taken offline!

Amy F

Looking forward to your insights and behind-the-scenes take.
Happy summer with good books to read.


I'm re-reading Princess Academy right now, so this will come at the perfect time! Can't wait!


Fun! - can't wait :)


What a great idea! I'm excited!


I'm so exicited! I love this book and have read it several times, but this will make it even better!


Oooh! Can't wait!


Hooray! You should also do this with the Books of Bayern. *hint hint*


Sounds great!

Debbie Barr

I love this idea! I was just thinking I needed to re-read Princess Academy before Palace of Stone came out, and now I can read it along with you!


What a wonderful idea! I, for one, would love to learn more about what inspired you to set a story in such a lovely setting.


Perfect. Princess Academy is on my personal summer reading list, and this will be super fun! Great idea.


I can't wait!


Awesome! Thats a great idea, I haven't read this book yet so it will be great to read it with everyone else!!!


Sounds fun, I'm in!


Yay! Yay! I love princess academy!


This is perfect! I wanted to re-read Princess Academy before Palace of Stone came out, and this will make it even more fun!


I just started re-reading it on my own, actually, but I've only read one chapter so far, so I think I'll wait and keep reading with you! :D


I was going to re- read it before Palace of Stone comes out, but now I think I'll just follow along with you! I love your books!!


That's a great idea! I'll join the club!


Ooh-how exciting-a book club!

Ashley R.

This is so exciting! I am so going to join. I am re-reading it right now, so this will be especially fun! Thank you!


THIS IS SO GREAT!!! How often do you get to read a book with the author?!?!? I CANT WAIT!!!! See you in July!!!


I'm so excited I'm trying not to shout out loud, because that might worry my parents. But I am doing a little dance in the computer chair with all the gusto I possess. :) YES!!!


Looks like an excellent idea! :)

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

WAHOO!!!! I LOVE it. I would join in a second.

Lousiana Kid

I live it. Can't wait! I agree with frogster you should defiantly do this with the books of Bayern at some point.


What an amazing idea, Shannon! I love Princess Academy and it would be great to hear about what went on in the process of writing it. Especially about building and expressing the characters! They all have wonderfully human personalities.

Lisa Brown

I have been rereading it by reading it to my 89 year old daughter, and she is loving every minute of it :).


How cool! I mean, darn, now I have to re-read one of my favorite books :)


Oh beautiful idea.


That will be awesome!


Totally awesome idea. My daughter (age 12) and I will be joining in for sure. It'll be a re-read for me and a first read for her!

Laurie Murray

Oh I'm so glad you will be reading it aloud! I can't wait!

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