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May 30, 2012



Excellent! Tweens are at such a magical age. If only we could skip the teen years and retain the boldness and confidence of being a tween.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Hear, Hear, for the video! I loved that! I have never thought of how a blog could be useful to an author in those specific terms, and I couldn't agree more about why books are important. And I think your hair looked just great, which I can say because we are peers and fellow lovers of books, right? :)


It took me at least 2 minutes to figure out why the post was titled, "Back when I used to dye my hair." I thought you were going to say something about dying your hair. Ha, ha, ha. I then realized your hair was colored. I enjoyed the interview. Still laughing about the hair dye. :D


What wonderful and interesting letters from those young girls. They both made me smile especially the advice on clarifying the dung information. I love that they both took the time to write you.


"she's entered the peerage" love it!

I also love what you said about how one has to observe it (whatever it is) in others, then they can observe it in themselves. I think that's very true. And I think it's a positive feedback cycle -- once you observe (i.e. for my toddler) a sad person, and label them as sad, then you can label your own sadness as sad, which helps you recognize it in others to a greater degree or in a more nuanced way.


I can totally relate to this! This is an awesome video and I really enjoyed hearing about Delaney (hope I spelled her name right) and her openness toward you about her writing. I also feel the same way about your blog, since that's one of the reason I started following it!

Rachel F.

It amazed me that the girl named Delaney was so confident in herself when she wrote you. Not very many 12 year olds have that, I know I didn't. It was also interesting what you said about the conversation between a reader and an author. Readers do interact with the author since they enter the author's world in a book.


what a great interview! I especially love how you really care so much about your readers, you are definitely an inspiration to me and many others, and I am so glad you have this blog, for our communication and terrific discussion topics!

Aside: I find "AdLit" an awkward abbreviation for Adolescent Literature, because it could just as easily have been the abbreviation for an Adult Literature organization. Just saying...


Funny, I loved that first line.


Wow, I'm such a fan. I read the beginning of the post, and thought, "YAY! A Shannon Hale Interview!" I started the video and it turned out I'd already watched it 3 times.


Hahahahahaha literally just watched this!!!!


I do love it though


Shannon you are such a good person and I just love you. The end.


this was a really cool interview. at first i didn't recognize you though.


What a wonderful interview. Much like your blog, this video gave me insight into your world and the world of your other readers. I really enjoy how much care you put into the relationship you have with your readers, whether it be through your blog or one of your books (which are amazing by the way). These mediums allow me to escape from the stress of everyday life, and in them I often find some little truth that I can relate to and ponder for a while. In this case, I found that your comment about how we must identify aspects of the world around us before we can identify those same aspects within ourselves to be very true. I also want to mention that I can relate very much to Delaney. When I was her age, I was also reading books, such as "Pride and Prejudice" and the "Goose Girl."

cassandra marie marlow

my sister is a author since she was 18 that was six years ago Stacy has written a trilogy , a series and some novels . Her only problem is she can't get published can you help ?? I found Goose Girl by going in the library and noticing the name and thinking 'very interesting ' so i read it(and the others too :)and after i read the first few chapters i thought Stacy would love this book!so i told her a bit ,it also had those quite peaceful character developments that my sister loves , so i was this is great ! then i read on and realized that the writing style was very much like hers (and no offense to Stacy ,but i liked yours better ,i actually finish yours ) and i have to tell you my favorite charactor is RAZO!!! i just love him and lady Dasha, my faverite book is RIVER SECRETS .MY least is forest born .but i have a REASON that lesbian part when they (except Rinna )got captured .gay makes me sick! p.s.Stacy will read your books immidaitally after she finnishes wheel of time .I also want you to know that i read the 'conversatoin with Shannon Hale ' and i was reading your answers and i felt a near kinsmanship with you because that's how i would have answered too (on the ones i remember of)! thank you for making a awesome series! cassy marlow ( i'm sorry if i hurt your feelings in any way.

cassandra marie marlow


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