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May 09, 2012



Great analogy!

Karen Adair

Excellent!!! As a "former" runner (I was never as hardcore as my marathon sister) I can totally relate. And it's nice to know that I can count myself as a hardcore writer. Just like you. Kudos for all your persistence!!!!! We are ALL enjoying the benefits of your success. :) And yeah...the view is just over the next rise.


Thank you for this, its just what I needed. This week I feel like the motherhood climb is straight up hill and goes on forever. Thanks for the reminder that eventually there is a second wind :)


I love this analogy. I need to be hardcore in my writing, or it's never going to go anywhere. this is just exactly what I needed to get myself back on track! Thank you!

Carrie Jo

Shannon, thank you for not being an amazing runner in addition to your other superpowers. It encourages me to know there are others out there who know their families and their writing are more than enough to tackle each day!

Shelly Brown

I fake my way though being a runner and a writer and I figure as long as I don't quit at either one day I might just be pretty good.


I don't know why this made me cry. Why did this make me cry?!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Beautiful. Thanks for motivation myself more. You are SUPER hardcore!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Oops, I meant to say motivating. I just have to correct my grammar...:)


You cried because life is hardcore and when you are doing hard things (like being a mom or being a writer or being a marathon runner) and people acknowledge that it is hard you let yourself feel the fact that it is hard (for just a moment). In order to be hardcore you have to inoculate yourself against the hardness a bit, I think. But it IS hard. And you can do hard things!

Amber Argyle, author

I'm a hardcore writer. Not a hardcore runner (as my muffin top will attest). ;)


So inspirational :)

Miss Erin

This was super inspiring and just what I needed to read this morning. THANK YOU, SHANNON.


I was just hating you (metaphorically) because you were born thin and could run, but then you became human. Ha, ha. I don't do anything hardcore, which I interpret as long-term and committed. Marriage and motherhood are the only thing I've done over time that appear to be going successfully, but lots with lots of stumbles. I really appreciate how you have paired your experiences with this huge life lesson--we have to work to achieve. My kids don't understand this really well, and I am to blame. I'm at a point in life where I've got to kick it into gear and DO. I don't want them to leave home without this important lesson. Thanks!


Welp, you just properly shamed me into facing up and getting back into my writing routine. Thank you! :)


You truly inspire me! I've been the way you are about running with a lot of things, and I always felt so lame that I couldn't keep them up. Now I realize that as long as I stick to the things that are most important to me, I won't ever be a loser! For the record, I tried running too. I did a half marathon here in Maryland relatively close to sea level, but that was with friends, and I haven't been able to keep it up on my own. Oh well. I can be hardcore in other ways. :)


inspiring! that was amazing! I love the analogy.


I wish I could run. It's so GOOD FOR YOU. But, alas, I can't run to save my life. I'm a little better at Ballet, though, so at least I have that going for me.

Rachel F.

Thanks for the motivating words. Now I'm gonna go get off this couch and write!


I'm going to have to read this again while not being incredibly upset at the guys who told their girlfriends not to come back fat. *grumble*


Beautiful. I love your posts on writing. Thank you for them.


Wow. I really needed this today.

Anna Wheeler

Thank you for this. I'm bookmarking this so I can read it on the hard days.


I am a hardcore baker. I bake when I'm happy, sad, sick, well, grumpy, tired, motivated, or bored. My husband has complained about gaining weight since we've been married, but I don't mind when the neighbors get most of the end results. He just doesn't like it when he walks into a kitchen that smells like orange cream cupcakes and is told "Sorry, honey, they're for a church activity and I have just enough to take."

I've also discovered the joy of hardcore crock pot cooking. It's made my life so much easier while still allowing me to amaze the kids with meals they like.

Amelia Loken

This is beautiful! I love the analogy! Hope you get that wonderful vista soon!


Beautiful post, Shannon. Thanks :)


Loved this!

Ann Cannon

Rock on, Shannon!


Well writ. Thank you.


Lovely analogy. I may or may not be hardcore. I guess if I have to think about it, I'm probably not. However, I have (thanks to NaNoWriMo) enjoyed the lovely experience of being so tired, I wrote with my eyes closed... :)

Keep being hardcore, Shannon!


Yes, in fact, you can be hardcore about ballet. Although for me it's more contemporary dance. And dance teaching. I have taught and taken dance classes with (no lies here): an incredibly painful abscessed tooth and no painkillers, pink eye, sprained ankles, no voice, swine flu (seriously), bronchitis, an ear infection, a sprained toe, painful ovarian cysts, blood blisters on my feet, recovering stomach flu, shin splints, a hip injury, and a whole lot of days when I was just really tired and sore and the only thing I wanted to do more than sleep forever was to dance. Thankfully it was not all of these at the same time. I dance when I can barely walk, or breathe. I kept going long after I realized I would never be a professional, no matter what I did. When I don't have a studio available, I dance in the park. And now I'm moving to New York to get a master's degree in it. That's hardcore, right? Shannon, you've made me realize I'm doing something with my life!


That was great! I love that you run!!!


Thank you!


You are so amazing Shannon!
I can't run either!


This post is awesome.

I'm a hardcore reader. I consider myself a hardcore artist. I wish I was a hardcore runner. And I admire hardcore writers.

Ashley R.

Shannon, you are hardcore!!!!!!!! I-like Abby-consider myself a hardcore reader. Also a hardcore pianist. Thanks for the inspiration!


I run, not write. Although I wish it was the other way around :) Thank you for your inspiration. That little tid-bit could not have come at a better time for me.

Rose Green

I love this post!

Regina Chapman

THANK YOU for this post. I'm overhauling a novel right now, from the comfort of my...eh...bed.
I have a chronic disease, but I still want to keep writing.

Reading this today has suddenly made me feel hopeful and inspired, because it's made me realize something important. Regardless of anything else, I'm a hardcore writer. And that's something to be proud of.


Thanks. It is Monday morning and I run 4 times a week and was finding a hard time motivating myself for my first run of the week. This helped a lot. I am a late bloomer to running, started at 38. I always said I couldn't, but I can.
I have loved your books and have always wanted to write. Maybe I will be a late bloomer in that too....

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