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April 20, 2012


Shelly Brown

You are so funny (and amazingly honest!)

Cindy Baldwin

This post just made my morning. You have to have moments like that, because otherwise your Mythical Fabulous Writer status would just be too much for us mere mortals!

Kristin Rae

Aww! Cute picture! I was at the Texas Tea also. What a fun event! So great meeting you yesterday, and thank you for the encouragement with my querying!

Thanks so much for making the trip to Houston. We appreciate it! :)

melissa @ 1lbr

Love it! Wish I was a librarian in Texas, we need a meeting in AZ where you can blubber all you like.


I went to elementary school in Texas and I still remember my librarian. She was fantastic!


You're welcome! (we love you, too)

kristen chandler

You know Shannon, even when you're human, you kind of do it better than most. :)

A Facebook User

This just makes me want to get to TLA even more! We librarians love you right back, and we can get teary over graphic novels too.


That is eerie and a little bit funny. I hope it wasn't too embarrassing. At least you have the good sense to laugh about it! Because seriously, librarians are AWESOME. :)


I think it is a mom thing. I cry more now than I did when I was a teenager!

I finished reading MIA and LOVED it! Thank you so much for writing that book and giving me a few hours of escape. I was literally smiling the whole time, and I laughed quite a bit too. I've discovered something about when I read: I feel a certain kinship with the author. Usually, I people feel it with the characters, but for me, I feel it with the author. So although we may never meet, thank you for you "friendship." I love your books. Every one of them. :)


LOL, what a great memory you now have! It's good to believe in something so completely. :)

Ben Hatke

It was awesome, Shannon. I didn't want to follow that any more than OSC! (also it was nice meeting you).


We love you, especially because you're a blubberer! Thanks for being gracious about being pulled from your YART dinner so I could squeal like a third grade girl in your presence and letting me take a picture to send home proving that I was hob-nobbing with literary greatness!

Heather Scott

Shannon, we all love you whether you're blubbering and tearful or not. You're inspirational and amazing and a zillion kinds of awesome. (Only wish I'd been there to see you in person!)


Whoa, Ben Hatke is a friend of mine! And Orson Scott Card? Sounds like an awesome panel!

Beth G.

Librarians love you, too, Shannon! Come to our conference in GA and blubber anytime!


Shannon, we are so glad you were able to join all the festivities this year. We loved having you at TLA!

Alysa (Ruby Diamond)

and THAT's why you're the coolest.

Amelia Loken

LOVE the photo...I agree with the need for graphic novels and would have been blubbering right along side you. Librarians are truly amazing people!


Thanks for loving me-I'm a Texan! YAY!


I was In the front row and started blubbering (and I don't have kids do it's not just a mom thing!)too. You were not alone! Thanks for writing great GNs for us to support!


I wish you would come to Texas and actually do a public event that I could come to because that would be awesome.

David Lubar

I ran into OSC at the airport, and asked him how the panel went. He said you were delightful (or some similar positive word). I'd have to concur.

Jen Bigheart

Thank you so much for coming back to TLA!

Laura Mills

It was so great meeting you at the Texas Tea! Even though I was probably the only non-librarian there. But that's okay, because you're right, librarians are awesome people to hang out with :)

Rachel C

Shannon, I just love you. The end. :)


Here's another pic of you at the Tea: http://www.flickr.com/photos/55846418@N05/7102426439/


Maybe this is just me, but I think I would be most upset about not getting to meet Suzanne Collins...but then if I had been at that table and you had been there too, I would have been spectacularly happy to be sitting and talking to two of my favorite authors...But the crying story is so sweet. I love your passion for writing, reading, writers, and readers! Thanks for everything you write and are :)


Ha, ha. Your story made me laugh. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this! Last year I was at a writer's conference and I happened to find myself walking down the hall next to one of the picture book authors who had done a workshop at the conference. I began telling her about how my son loves her book, and then the tears were flowing and I became a blubbering fool. When I was done I walked away, mortified, wondering why I couldn't simply carry on a conversation like normal people.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! (And, for the record, I totally agree with you about GNs.)

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