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March 12, 2012


Kristie P.

Oh, I would love to make it to CHS tomorrow night! I will be bringing all our books for you to sign. I am so excited I can hardly type!

Tiffany Trent

I saw that title and thought, "Waitaminit..." LOL! I've always loved that, too. Can't wait for your secret thing! (Since I can't come to the other two things).

Enna Isilee

W4C is gonna be the BEST THING EVER!! WAHOOO!!!

Erin Shakespear

I'm excited for the Writing for Charity workshop! But now I wish I was coming up north 4 days earlier, too.


Do you know WHEN you'll be able to tell us about the new SSP? Or are you just going to tease us by withholding that, too?


Z Parks

How exciting! I'm thrilled to be coming on Saturday--this should be quite the party :)

I can't make it to C-wood, but that's my sister's school, so maybe I'll send her on my behalf :)


When is the second Princess Academy book coming out?




blogpost title. stick with blogpost title. :) but that is funny. I study Chinese, and Chinglish has become one of my greatest frienemies. :)

Abby Minard

Sounds like a fun weekend! And can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Hm...soup with three things...could be anything!

Ashley R.

I am so excited for the Super Secret Project! Do you know when you will be able to tell us about it? :):):)

Kelly C.

Another juicy secret? Can we please please know?


Omg wat is this secret, I'm gonna burst, u better tell us soon, I can't wait!!!!


Tell me tell me tell me!! Can't wait for the SSP!

melissa @ 1lbr

I'm so sad to miss the Beyonders party! Last year was amazing and this year will probably be just as great.


Another super secret project??? I simply can't handle the suspense!

Lisa Clawson

Dearest Shannon! I just read your post about visiting Logan!!! Yeah!! I'm from Logan, and yes we all read and love your books. Do you have a place to host yet? I own the Great Harvest Bread Co. on Center St. in Logan, and the biggest and best bookstore in town is across the street. I am calling them today to see if they can get you to come. The Booktable is the bookstore. It's huge, old, and a tradition in Logan. Right on Main St. a little South of the tabernacle. I'll even feed you lunch too when you come!! Can't wait!! Lisa Clawson


I must know this super secret project. Please, Shannon, don't keep me waiting like this! I'm super super super excited...and that's no secret!

Aisha Riaz

I am praying for all it's worth that your "super-secret project" is another Bayern book. I simply devoured through them, what with their lyrical words and heartfelt messages, how can one not? Please, please, please, let it be a Bayern book!!

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