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March 26, 2012



"He wrote the first draft this time, and then I went in and helped the story make some sense."

I love you guys.


Oh I'm kind of crushed about the news for the "Palace of Stone" cover. I loved the painted cover on the first book and aside from that, I think most of the sadness is a result of my self-diagnosed OCD and wanting things to match. It'll be good for me- like immersion therapy- that they don't match. Look at you, helping people and curing disorders and stuff just with your book covers!


I cannot WAIT to have my favorite author's film be released to theaters!


So excited for Palace of Stone!!! :D You're amazing, Shannon!!!!


LOL, cute. You guys have such fun imaginations!


I loved "First Date" - thank you for sharing! The John Carter movie prompted me to read the book and it was nice to get a little more insight into the inner lives of the white apes :)

I also thoroughly enjoyed the Writing for Charity conference, so thank you for that too!


Lol! Still chuckling that you made Dean's writing make sense...!=o)


I am afraid of loosing my mother and father. They are the only thing that keeps me going in a world that freezes one with worry.

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