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January 04, 2012



Don't know how you do it all. You are made of awesome! :D

Michelle Merrill

I can't believe you are doing so much with one year old twins! My twin girls are now 5 and they are still a handful...not to mention my other two kids with another on the way. But it's hard to find time to write, let alone try to get my books published! I admire you (and envy you a little :)). Way to go! Good luck with your new year adventures.

jen bryner in logan

i put this blog feed on my igoogle page so i always know when you post something new! i don't mind if you go for a while between posts :) i'm excited for the new books! keep on doing your thing and the rest will follow just fine. *breathe*


Squeee...Getting so excited! You are ama-zing, Shannon!


I followed you here for a long time, but when I found you on twitter I stopped coming here ... dur need to bookmark this blog and come here more often!

Hope and pray you come to Louisiana...!

Linda W

Come to Illinois (if you have time). I'm amazed at how much you get done.

the dragonfly (aka stacy)

I sent Princess Academy to my good friend's 9-year-old girl for Christmas. I haven't heard her reaction but if she likes it (which of course she will!) I'll be sending her the sequel for her birthday (October) or Christmas! :)

(note: I was super excited to have a child old enough to send one of your books to!)

Miss Erin

Happy new year, Shannon. :)

Crossing my fingers you come to Southern California on tour.


Talk about EXCITING...

Hyddie Thompson

Wait Where in Utah are you exactly comeing? Because I would die to meet a writer in person. I am I young writer myself and is hard trying to get my main lay out of my book, but i was wondering if you are thinking of making a 5th book to your "Books of Bayern Series" Those are my absolute favorite and am dying who is next to come into your world of thinking!


Haha. Love your agent's pun. I hope you make it to the Chicago area!

Debbie (Celes)

You're coming to Indianapolis! Yay! I'll have to see if I can get to that conference. Maybe because I work at a bookstore now my boss will pay for me to go? (Maybe?)

Alexandra Wood

Am excited!!!!!!! I love coming here and reading what you have to say! Thanks!


I seriously can't wait for Princess Academy to come out! You said it would be released in August or summer or something...the same month I turn 16! Can't wait!


Oh Shannon. I am having twins in no more than 6 weeks ( but hopefully sooner because I'm so uncomfortable I cry when I see myself walk). You have been my inspiration this pregnancy, since I followed yours here and in the last year I have a)seen you alive and with makeup ( at Dean's signing) and b) seen all members of your family alive, well-fed and in clean clothes (same event). I have been waiting for MIA and the event at TKE is on my birthday! I hope I make it, pre or post-partum.


Hi! I'm a long time reader (of your books and blog) and first time commenter! I love your books! I drew the cover of The Goose Girl on a chalkboard and I was wondering if I could email it to you or something because I would love for you to see it! I'm very excited for everything coming this year!!!! :)


i look forward to the austenland movie news and congratulation for your baby[babies] :)


Wow! busy year ahead for you! Congratulations on your many accomplishments!
Yes, that is a good pun your agent quipped.
Well, have fun "Hale-ing"!

Carrie Jo

Shannon, I'm sure you have no control over this, but just in case: I'd love for 2012 to include Full Cast Audio to get on the ball and get Forest Born out! I love their productions of your books and really hope they get rights to PA2 as well. Again, I know that's not really up to you...and I've bugged them about it on their FB page, too :)

Happy New Year and have fun chasing those adorable girls around!

the dragonfly (aka stacy)

That is so funny, Carrie Jo...I just got on here to say nearly the same thing! I love my FCA copies of the first three Bayern books (even though I own the hardbacks, too!) and would so love to hear Forest Born. Any news? :)

Amber Argyle

I wonder if I'll see you around this year? I'll have to check your schedule.

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