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January 02, 2012



One sings, the other plays - it's the Hale Sisters! (Kind of like The Anderson Sisters, only lacking a.) tune, b.) coherent lyrics, and c.) that third sister - maybe you should have had triplets?

I LOVE that picture of the wee lass staring up at grandpa. You can practically see little hearts zinging between the two of them.

A blessed new year to you, and thanks for sharing your family.

Ashley R.

This is precious! And for that third partner, how about older sister? Happy New Year everybody!

Kelly C.

Ahhh, that is adorable! Thanks for sharing!


So. Cute.


Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...


That picture with Grandpa is just precious!

Debbie Barr

Aww, they are so sweet! Love the second picture.

Laree @ Ever Heard of Euless

How cute are they! Love it!

Abby Minard

Aw, so cute! They're so big!


Hihi, this is ArtemisMS from Twitter!

Basically, what grabbed me about Lord Khasar in Book of 1000 Days is 1. how similar he is to Mulan's Shan Yu (but it's hard to provide evidence for that one), and 2. his being a werewolf when there is no werewolf in Maid Maleen. Because, you know Bluebeard? His (and I found this out only recently ... reading Marina Warner's From the Beast to the Blonde, awesome book btw) origins can be traced to a figure called a bisclavret (werewolf) AND his origins are not western but more Turkish-ish ... not the same as Mongolian, but still. Anyway, I had a million and one questions I wanted to feverishly ask you during the Q&A but that's the one that I went with! And I think you said you just needed a villain (since the original story provides none) but you didn't seem to indicate any conscious reason for making him a werewolf.

Ruby Diamond

I love the photos!

Amber Argyle

All I can think when I see that piano is, "Oh, the fingerprints."


Lovely! Thanks for sharing! :)

jen bryner in logan

i *heart* that picture with her grandpa!!! so sweet! i was really close to one of my grandpas and we are trying really hard to help our daughter be close to her grandparents. it's such a special relationship :)

Linda W

Adorable pix!


So so so adorable. Bless them.


Thanks for making my day!


Such excellent fingering for such a young age... ;)


I miss those baby gazes from my babies. You and Dean are so talented that I'm sure you're kids will inherit greatness.


Oh my heck... too precious for words. They're so tender!! <3 I love how pink and gingery they are. Cute girls. ^_^


Awww, love the picture of the sweetheart with her grandpa! (Dinah or Wren?)
so sweet!


Awww those are so cute!!! That is EXACTLY what me and my twin did!!!! Except we never had a grandpa who could play an instrument xD

Christy Grigg

Cute as can be. It's moments like those that keep mommy from going nuts!

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