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November 01, 2011


Enna Isilee

Dude. Again, I am in complete and total awe of Laura and her skillz. That CROSSED pumpking is particularly AMAZING.

I love the shout-out to Survivor! Dawn is ROCKING. I can't wait for Wednesday!


Those are some sweet pumpkin carving skills! :D


Utterly amazing craftswomanship, Laura! :)

Rebecca F.

Wow! Those are amazing!


Awesome jack-o-lantern! That is ART. I was just talking to my friend this morning about it being national write a novel month. 50,000 words from Nov. 1 to Nov. 30. She was miserably comparing herself to Shakespeare who would write a first draft and run to the theater or Mary Shelley writing her first novel at 18. I reminded my dear friend that these folks had NOTHING ELSE to do in their lives but contemplate the universe, right? Maybe they had chores, I don't know. I'm sure they were not cooking and cleaning for themselves and caring for a family. I am amazed at the authors of our time who can do what is required of them on the home front and still publish novels! Each of you is amazing! Of course now my friend will probably find a contemporary author to compare herself too, but we're not supposed to compare, right? :D

Miss Erin

Laura's pumpkin carving talent will never cease to amaze me. Dude, those are cool.


wow. How does she do it? That is simply amazing! And I am so rooting for Dawn this season.


Those pumpkins are amazing!I wish I had her skills.


@MelissaPate: Tell your friend best wishes from me, a fellow wrimer! And also tell her that it is totally worth it when you get to the big 5 0, :)


I love those pumpkins--the Ally Condie ones are so impressive, too!


Thank you SOOOO much for sharing these. They are INCREDIBLE. I shared them with the whole cast (my tribe, Upolu's, and even Jeff Probst). Everyone loved them! How fun.

Thanks for all of the support Shannon and amazing pumpkin-carving friends!



Ashley R.

These are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Ally Condie ones are so freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these. I love you, and you totally inspire me!

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wendy toliver



Oh my goodness, those are just...wow. Especially the last two.

Jenni Elyse

Love them! Beautifully done!




I am very excited about Crossed. My copy is in the mail from Amazon as we speak (type?) Also, I haven't watched Survivor in years but my friend Richelle also knows Dawn and told me to root for her. She is doing incredible! It's fun to watch!

Christy Grigg

Those are sooo cool! Love them, especially the MIA one.

Stacey (AKA Aubrey)

I'm super impressed! Now I know what I want to do next year! Literary inspired pumpkin!

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Kitty Sola

My best friend and I have agreed we're going to go to the bookstore dressed up as Miri and Gerti (or someone else) when the Princess Academy sequel comes out. We've been going back and forth on how's the best way to make the costumes and what they'll look like.


Oh my stars! LOVE the Crossed and Matched pumpkins! I read both of those books... they're good. One of my friends was planning on getting Crossed when it came out, and there were a ton of us on her "waiting list" to read it... I called slot one about a month before it came out... :)

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