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July 06, 2011


Danyelle Ferguson

Shannon - I'm so absolutely thrilled about Austenland being made into a movie. I will most definitely be going to see it on opening night! Congrats!!!

Stacey (AKA Aubrey)

LOVE the cast! I adore Keri Russell!

Michelle Witte

Shannon, you're awesome. And, honestly, I'm already envisioning it. Northanger Abbey is one of my all-time favorite adaptions/movies. *sigh*

I want to see it NOW, dangit!


When I was reading, I imagined Jennifer Coolidge as Miss Charming. She's the perfect comedian for that role! I'm going to put my money on her as your character/actor match.

Emily S.

JJ Feild?!!!? I'm in heaven. Absolute HEAVEN, I tell you!!

Congrats! This is so exciting!


Oh my goodness that is amazing! Congratulations and I can't wait to see it!


I'm so excited! I absolutely love Austenland. I don't know if the character you are talking about is the one I am thinking, but I totally thought about Jennifer Coolidge when I read Miss Charming. Congratulations on the movie!!!


Jennifer Coolidge as Miss Charming. She's the one I pictured as I read the book, anyway!


I'm also guessing Jennifer Coolidge as Miss Charming. Couldn't be a better fit! I'm so excited for the movie! And I'm excited for YOU!


Gotta pack for England - I'm betting the filming is taking place there.

Congrats Shannon, this is unbelievably cool! I can't believe that you were able to keep this a secret for 2 whole years!


You get to go to England!!! So awesome. Is the whole family going for the duration? Wouldn't it be fantabulosa if the twins learned to speak with British accents...(how long does it take to film a movie?) I adore all things Austen, have read every fanfic P&P book that's been written, and loved Austenland, too. This is going to be a fun project to follow, and I'm so happy for your success. My next fantasy is The Actor And The Housewife on the big screen. That was a really fun story, which would be a perfect movie adaptation, too. Can you and JH look into doing it next?! :-)


I think I remember you mentioning Jennifer Coolidge as your fantasy choice for Miss Charming once.

I literally squealed out loud with glee when I read the announcement and saw the cast list. I cannot imagine a more perfect cast. I notice you don't mention Rupert Vansittart in this post, though he was in the press release. Am I correct in presuming that he will play Sir John? Because really, that is another perfect fit right there.

Mary@My Life in Scotland

JJ FIELDS?!?!?! JJ FIELDS!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!! Jane Seymour! Hello, you got lucky! I'm so glad you are coming over here across the big pond and joining us for a time in the UK!!! I only wish I knew where you were! I've always wanted a signed book from yours truly.

Congrats! This is such exciting news!!!


Can you tell us how much the screenplay deviates from the book?

Kristine A

now I have to re-read the book :-) how excellent, I'm excited for it to hit imdb - can you put in a word? so much easier to look up the info! I'm really excited for the cast, as well. Congrats!


I'm so excited that this is going to be a movie! Congratulations!!!


The news of this in your last blog post literally got me out of bed this morning! I am so freaking excited! And I'm especially happy about the cast! I LOVE JJ FIELD!! I really do hope your blog is just filled to bursting with posts about this over the next couple months! You get to go to England and watch your book made into a movie!! Seriously, congrats! You totally deserve this! And I am so freaking excited!! :)

Oh, and Jennifer Coolidge is pretty much exactly who I pictured for Miss Charming when I first read the book. So perfect and hilarious!! I can't wait!

Sarah R

Gotta re-read. Love Keri Russell.


Bret McKenzie? Are we talking Figwit/Flight of the Conchords Bret Mazkenzie? Ahhh!


Wow, that's great! I love Keri Russell, she's perfect for the starring part!


I wanna go!!! It would be so fun! Congratulations!!!


Bret McKenzie is SO AWESOME. I'm so happy! *dies*

Holly Black

Cast is AWESOME.

Karen Bingham

1. FANTASTIC!!! So excited this is going to film, 2. I am adding my vote for Jennifer Coolidge as that is the first person who popped into my head when I heard about the film. 3. Keri Russell and JJ Fields - I'm dripping into a puddle of Jane Austen romanticism. (sigh) Thank you Shannon! (fellow Missoula Institute attendee currently living in Boston, MA)

Amy @ My Friend Amy

Keri Russell! <3

Ruby Diamond

I'm so excited you get to go!!! I was wondering if you could.

Take pictures for us, 'kay?

p.s. 3 loads of laundry in one day?!? You are aMAYzing!


Holy shmokes! This is SO exciting! One of my favorite books as a movie! With an awesome cast! Yaaaaaaaaayyyy!

Jennie Bennett

The first time I read Austenland I actually thought of Kerri Russel the entire time, so I'm thinking it was her. Amazing cast. So excited!


I think you wrote it with Jennifer Coolidge in mind. I think Keri Russell is a perfect fit. At first I thought JJ Feild was cast as Martin because he's tall and lanky and can really do that teasing smirk thing. Of course, I'm not complaining one bit that I'll get to see him brood as Nobley. I'm also going to have to check him out as Union Jack in the new Captain America movie.

Shannon Morris

All I can say is Jane Seymour!!!! "sigh" The screen goddess!!! She has been one of my favorite actresses since I was young!!! She will be a perfect fit!!!


#1- When I read in the last post that you only changed 6 diapers, I was impressed!!
#2 - You can talk twins with Jane Seymour! Have you gotten her book about her twin boys? I used to read it to my twins!
#3 - Congrats! Wow! So exciting!!
#4 - Truly a fantastic cast! And Stephanie Meyer knows how to excite the fan base! Wooohooo!!!


Am I the only one who sees the irony in the fact that JJ Feild, who played Henry Tilney in the most recent Northanger Abbey adaptation, is playing Nobley, especially since the Austenland book disses NA so blatantly (the only flaw in the novel-- that OF COURSE still rankles with this NA fan)?

Yes? Okay, then. ;)

Looking forward to this film with great interest.


Ok, my 10-mo-old has more dirty diapers than your twins. How is that fair?

This blows my mind. What a perfect book to adapt for the screen. And the cast. . . WOW! I just hope they don't change the ending too much, it was so good.

Oh, and congrats on twins! Cut yourself some slack. You had TWO BABIES. You're not supposed to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes for quite awhile. Don't make the rest of us look bad!


Hmm ... Jane or Miss Charming??


Love, love. LOVE the book and the cast so this is wonderful news!
(1) Adding my vote for Jennifer Coolidge as Miss Charming.
(2) JJ Feild is yummy...and I am far too old to be typing that!
(3) Love Keri Russell, perfect choice for the lead.


Soo....this is quite the birthday present, Shannon. I thank you. The day before my birthday is the reveal of the SSP and then today (my birthday)you post the cast listing that's been officially announced and promise that more info will come as you are allowed to share it. This is just the icing on the cake for my day today!


This is the happiest film news in months...hands down.

Amber Argyle

Can I come to England with you? I'll babysit? I have loads of experience (ask my kids).



I am so happy. Words cannot express. This is going to be such an awesome movieeeeeeeee! XD *sighs happily*

Callie the Strongbad Fan

Wow! Shannon, I am so happy with this news! I am so glad to know that Austenland is going to be made into a movie, that it stars the actress Keri Russell who I love so much, and that you are working with Jerusha Hess! I am so happy with the news! Good work Shannon!


Austenland is my favorite of all your books! I'm so excited it'll be made into a movie. And how sad (totally sarcastic) that you'll need to go to England!

Linda W

Wonderful cast! You hit the jackpot!


These are all perfect! How exciting! Love James Callis, Bret McKenzie, and Jennifer Coolidge! I'm adding another vote for her as the one you had in mind while writing.

Can't wait for the next few months of blog posts!


Will you be doing any book signings while you're over here? Please?

Crystal Broderick

I'm SO excited for you and the film. i want to read Austenland - i'm a new-ish fan and haven't got the book yet, but i look forward to it!

Are you coming to England? I live here/there. Are u gonna do any signings whilst you're here, Shannon? (Hope u don't find the drop in temperare too annoying =)


Wait, isn't Keri Russell pregnant?

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

Jennifer Coolidge fits the part perfectly, though JJ Feild also fits what I pictured pretty well. I'm so excited for you! England! Movies! Ah! How long do we have to wait until it's finished? Can't wait!!

Kat Fisher

I'm so excited for the movie. And this cast is absolutely perfect! Congratulations on all of this!


Oh my gosh, I LOVE that cast! It's perfect! Congrats, Shannon! I LOVE this book, and I cannot wait to see it in movie form! And you will ADORE England. It's magical. *SIGH* Let us know if JJ really does ZING as well as Nobley does. I bet he does.....


Yay! I'm so excited for Austenland to be made into a movie! I'll be there opening night if it plays in Anchorage, Alaska! (squeals of excitement!!)

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