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July 11, 2011



You are a lucky lady! Congratulations. You deserve this after all of your hard work. :)


You are entitled to enjoy every bit and bob! How exciting! Thank you for posting so we can live this experience vicariously.


Please do enjoy every moment! You deserve it. And also please share with us! About everything. This is exciting for us too! Maybe not as much as for you, but still, you have some major fans here! :)


This post just makes me smile! I'm so happy that you get to have this amazing experience. Enjoy!!!


You might not meet the actors? What?! You need to become best friends with ALL the actors, and write about them on your blog. This is very important!


So exciting!!! I can't wait to see the finished product. If I enjoy it half as much as the book, it'll still rock.


So what if you are bragging (and I don't think you are), it's awesome! Besides we get to live vicariously through you. Congrats on the trailer.


Dear Shannon, I'm here in Scotland and am SO TEMPTED to first, come and be your driver (yeah, THAT'D be the blind leading the blind) and second, just to come and say hello!

You don't sound braggy, you sound suitably grateful for the experience, and really thrilled. As we would all be!!!!!

T., fellow American writer in Glasgow


Oh yes, England... even without all the wrong turns, it still takes 3 times longer than estimated... I am glad you found the shoot. Wow, a trailer!!! Awesome. I am excited for you!

Heidi Case

So, so AWESOME for you!!! You should suck it all up like a thick chocolate shake!

Lynn Parsons

Amazing! Sounds like fun--glad you're enjoying every minute!

Mary@My Life in Scotland

HAHA! You should have taken the bus or train, you'd have gotten there in record time with plenty of people to help you along the way!
Public transport is easier than you think, especially with babies. Everyone takes it here in the UK. Try it!!

That being said, the streets are NOT marked well over here. It is kind of ridiculous. I can see why you got lost.

So excited for this! I'm reading Austenland right now! LOVING IT!


SO SO SO EXCITING! It has to be surreal to hear actors delivering lines you wrote. I sure hope the ninja bit made it into the script :) This make me want to drop everything I am doing and read Austenland again--for like the 12th time.

Amy @ My Friend Amy

Oh I hope you meet the actors!! I love Keri so much.

SO GLAD you're having fun. :)

Katie @ cakes, tea and dreams

So, so fun. Soak it up!

Gretchen Alice

This is so great! I can't wait to hear more! (And this is late, but I KNEW it was Jennifer Coolidge!)

Bonnie Childress

Good luck driving, in Britan can be a challenge. But it sounds like so much fun!! you deserve it.


I would love to have my own trailer!

Rachael M

How could you not freak out AT LEAST a little bit? REALLY?!?! I know that if it were me, I would freak out A LOT! I love the comment above to "suck it all up like a thick chocolate shake." Absolutely you should. Those who love you and love your writing are cheering for you and enjoying every post.


I feel like I'm reading The Actor and the Housewife all over again, but without the ugly-cry parts!

When you, Stephenie, and Jerusha are alone together and nobody is looking, please do the girlysquealyjumpyclap for all of us living vicariously though you!


Ahhh!!! I love it!!! I'm sooo excited about Austinland!!!!!


Oh, Shannon. Yes, I envy you, but I adore you too much to let that get to me.

Connie Onnie

Just know some of us eat up every word you share in absolute delight! Just let the haters drink another hateraid that will keep them quiet.

Rina M.

England's that way. When my family and I spent some weeks there touring, my mom--an excellent navigator--almost murdered the GPS my dad insisted on getting.
Do you get to tour any of the place?
Hope you enjoy it there. I'm so excited for you. I've loved your books. Thank you for being such a great author and being so funny.


Love it! Keep the updates coming!


I would've been giddy with excitement if I ever got to go on a film set! Can't wait to read more about what you have to say on filmmaking and such. :)

Emily G

I have that problem with GPS in the states. Maybe someday it will do what it is supposed to do. I love the UK have such a great time!

Emily Clawson

Am I completely lame for crying after I read this? I just feel like I'm there with you, watching a dream come true. It's got to be the most surreal, breathtaking experience. I'm waiting with bated breath for every update you find time to share. Soak it all in!! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!

Miss Erin

This made me so happy to read. Ahhhh, Shannon! I'm so excited and overjoyed for you!

Laura Z M

Did you drop some breadcrumbs so you can find your way home?

Have fun! It sounds delicious!


You deserve to be excited, you are amazing!!!


Shannon. If you actually read this, can you do me a favor and pinch yourself? Cause I'm not sure this is all real. It just seems so lovely and too perfect. Photo documentation would be a grand asset...if you're allowed, that is. #LivingThroughYou

Ashley R.

Shannon. Oh how exciting! I can't believe what a dream come true this is. It is really incredible! Have the best time ever!!!!! :)

Annette M

Squealing right along with you from across the pond (and most of the continent)!!!
Hope you got directions for a quicker return to base!


*starts dreaming* Sorry, thinking about when I'll hopefully be, one day, an author like you and perhaps, one of my books will be turned into a movie. :)

This whole experience must be surreal for you.

Countess Laurie

No one is offended yet??? How offending!!

I am offended that I can't squee with you!

Sounds super fun and I love that you laugh at your own lines. That is AWESOME! Have fun!!

Laura S

You sound just like a friend of mine, Becky Jack. Perhaps you've met her?


Sounds surreal! Because most of the time you sound just like the (particularly witty) girl next door. And here you're having this amazing experience ... yes, I agree with the previous commenter, you sound like Becky Jack.

Keep the details coming!

Oh, and did they hire you a nanny for the twins? I take it they weren't part of the 2.5 hour Car Ride of Madness.


You don't sound boastful, and even if you did you did you would deserve to. I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to see it when it comes out!

Kristie P.

Ahhh, I love living life through you. (Not in a creepy stalker way, just a blissful, satisfying, pleasant sort of way.) So, please share with us all the bits and bobs possible.
I am terribly satisfied that this book is becoming a film. It is my absolute favorite.
(I am positively giddy about Jen Coolidge playing Miss Charming-there is no one who could do it better!)


Oh my gosh! I'm so excited for this! Can I be you right now?


I can't imagine anyone being offended! Good for you! I am so happy for you that you are having this fabulous time watching your fabulous book be made into a fabulous movie. Huzzah! Now if only your little dears would realize that the night is for much much much longer naps.


It sounds like an amazing experience! I can't wait to watch the Austenland movie (or even just the trailer). :)


Who complains about your posts? Pshaw! It's your blog, and oh my gosh this is your life and absolutely you should celebrate every single accomplishment. And brag a little! You deserve it! Did I use "and" too much in this comment? Hee, hee. A trailer and a British production assistant. Oh my gosh I'm going to have a squeeeee for you. I have been a fan of Stephenie Meyer since before Hollywood had ever heard of her. I love that you are getting to do this with her. Your stories are fabulous. I used to watch Keri Russell on Felicity and covet her curls. I cannot wait to see this movie! Enjoy every moment. xoxo

Myrna Foster

Oh. We're enjoying it with you. I love that you laughed out loud. :o)


Stuffy complainers, don't take any notice and revel to your heart's content - this is super exciting!! I wish I could just be a runner for this film, fetching tea and watching Austenland in action. Bliss.


Well, if you're gonna get all lost and turned around somewhere, England is the place to do it! I'm so jealous! And I have a hard time understanding why anyone would get offended by anything you post. Stupid people who only look for something to compain about. You keep on rockin', and have a blast!


You are extremely lucky, Shannon! I would love to be you right now! ignore all the haters- they only care about finding fault in everything, even the best of moments. Hae a blast in England- and maybe find a new GPS. ^_^


Wish I could expand my travels outside of Utah and England is one of places I've always wanted to go. I can't wait to see the movie when it comes out. It is an amazing book...Hope all goes well for you. We cheer for you back in Utah.

Shannon Morris

Braggy, smaggy! Tell away!!! We want to hear everything so we can all live vicariously through you!!!

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