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May 09, 2011


Enna Isilee

So... essentially they took Princess Academy and set it in modern-day California?

Bonnie Childress

I just have to say that barbie scares me just a little.
SO is it a movie?


Oh my! It's like the difference between Wheat Thins and Thin Wheats, different names, same product (though one is a usually a cheap knock-off of the other). Thanks for a good laugh, and I agree with Enna Isilee.


Of course, might I add, your book is WAY better than anything they could ever hope to make. Just thought I'd clarify my meaning.


I looked up a synopsis for it and there are some other interesting 'coincidences' in terms of plot.

Though thankfully, Princess Academy never had any Rock Star or Soccer Princesses as far as I know of! :)

Amber Argyle

Ugh, glad you passed. I think turning Miri into a barbie would have killed the character.


Despite my devastation at the fact that PRINCESS ACADEMY is still not yet made into a film...I'm am utterly relieved that it was never a Barbie movie. *horrors* Thank goodness, you didn't cave! :)


Oh. My. No...
I can't believe it. That does have some strange similarities to your book.
*Shakes head*
Ingrid does not approve.


Eek! I don't know if you should be glad you didn't go that route or enraged...

Rin Isilee

I was also glad that you turned down that particular offer. The thought of Miri and Peder as Barbies is utterly horrendous. And I shudder to think of what the goats would have looked like.


I didn't know it was possible to feel such simultaneous waves of relief, amusement and annoyance. Relief that thanks to your good sense this isn't Princess Academy, amusement at the thought of Barbie goats, and irritation that cream puff entertainment continues to dominate the world of little girls.

Here's hoping for a future with a few less Barbies and a few more Miris, Anis, Ennas, etc.


I think I would cry if PA was made into a legitimate Barbie movie. It's better this way.

Kristie P.

oh, h3ll. I am grateful that PA is NOT a Barbie enterprise, but deeply miffed at the copycat.


I'd be in interested in PA as a movie...but not a Barbie movie.

Mary@My Life in Scotland

Do you wish you would have done it now? So at least it would be your story?


This is all based on the original draft of Princess Academy, right? ;)

I vote Miyazaki for a real PA movie.


I'm so glad you didn't give in. I am anti-Barbie (and the movies are ridiculously cheesy- I had to watch one repeatedly with a little girl a while back). But it seems that they still got something out of it.


While I agree that I don't think Princess Academy would be at its best as a Barbie movie.. I have to disagree with all the bad Barbie comments. I love some of the Barbie movies. I think that Princess and the Pauper, Island Princess, and some of the other musical ones are adorable and have good music. But, that's just me.

Princess Loucida

I'm with you Cheryl, :D My sister and I love barbies--and barbie movies. I'm 15 and people tell me I'm too old to play with barbies...I happily disregard those comments.

In fact two barbie movies come out a year, one for my sister's birthday, and one for mine. (They come out the same month.) My darling Daddy always buys them for us. It's tradition, :D

Kelly C.

I agree with Cheryl too. Yet I also agree with EnnaIsilee. Some, not all, Barbie movies are quite cute and I love them. Yet if it was Princess Academy being made into one I'd have to say that marks the end of the world. And I am SO mad at them for stealing it. Why can't they just move on if Shannon Hale won't agree to let them make Princess Academy into a Barbie movie? Of course I thank Mrs. Shannon Hale for not selling it! Thank you thank you!


Yikes. Glad you passed on that - your story definitely isn't a Barbie one. Maybe someday they'll make it into a live-action film - I'd go see it!

Karen Adair

Wow. That's all I got. Somehow it feels like a late April Fool's joke. Good call on passing though. Seriously.

Alexandra Wood

Gosh, close. I do like some of the Barbie movies, but others... I'm really glad the PA wasn't turned into a Barbie movie, though it was close. I do want it made into a movie though!

Linda W

I totally agree with Annie. My vote is for a Miyazaki film of Princess Academy!

Emily G

So is there an intellectual property violation here? It sure seems like it.


You were right to pass on it.


It's just as I pictured your characters! How did they hit it so spot-on?

(Does my sarcasm come across in this comment?)


I agree with Karen. All I can say is wow.



I like the idea of a Barbie goat.


i agree with Annie and Linda:

PA would look so great as a Miyazaki film!!!

not to say that a live-action wouldn't be nice too! :D


so if there's copyright infringement, does that mean you can get them to *not* release it and add to the crap that passed as entertainment for young girls? ugh. I'd much rather see a *real* (ie good) version of PA then more pink pastel crap. :-)

Je Reve

Great... All you need is a talking stone unicorn figurine, and you would have a winning lawsuit.

Princess Luna

I totally agree with Enna Isilee,I'm atcually a little disgusted.


Shannon, I greatly enjoy your books, as much as I enjoy sleeping! And I'm sure we all do. So, for the sake of your fans, please, please, please, PLEASE- never ever let there be a movie made by Barbie, that relates to Barbie, resembles Barbie, or is a foreign version of Barbie of your books. EVER.


Ugh! My skin is crawling...


I love Miri, but no offense, I hope to never ever see her as a Barbie.


I can't wait for my daughter to graduate from barbie movies to real books like Princess Academy. Here is to Kindergarten in the fall! She is already sounding things out, so we are on the road. I'm glad you passed.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... right? or is the Einstein quote of "Creativity is the art of hiding your sources" more appropiate?


One word: scary! (Even as a little girl, Barbie scared me a bit.)


I bet Barbie goats would be pink and have wings.


Dear Shannon Hale, I see that you think that barbie is copying your idea but truly it isn't. DO you own the idea of princess's going to a princess school? : No you don't. Besides I like the Barbie movies. (Me and my sister own ALL of them.) You have said soooo many times "Don't shove down other peoples work cause it takes them so long to write, And make there product. I think Barbies is good! Barbie movies have messages and you books happen to NOT!


WOW. Just...WOW.

Rebecca B

I love your books, and Princess Academy was a favorite. I think it would make a GREAT movie. I also like the Barbie movies--as a mom of little girls, I love the music and the character traits they emphasize. I don't love what Barbie toys represent, but I think the movies are great--the girls are strong, intelligent, loyal and they're much better than the Disney princess movies, in my opinion (except Tangled!).

But I am glad you didn't go for a Barbie version of Princess Academy, and I hope this movie is more original than it sounds! :)


I'm trying to picture 'princess acadamy' Barbies. It just looks scary. Wise choice, Shannen :)

(@ Rebecca B) Tangled is amazing.


pah! u should sue!!!!!!


this is sacrilegious!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!! they will totally wreck this story


Oh, And I don't think that PA would make a good movie at all...they would ruin it! Just leave it in book form and you you'll do great!


I'm furious with Mattel for this. You may not own the rights to the idea, as one commenter mentioned (I must say, Shannon's books DO have messages, thanks), but as they had mentioned your book and wanted to make it into a movie, then decided to come up with this, it isn't just a coincidence.

However, like others, I'm very glad Princess Academy was not a Barbie movie. Part of the appeal of Miri and Brigid and the others is that they're not "perfect". The story is not the traditional fairy-tale, and the characters aren't Mary Sues. Barbie, on the other hand, is synonymous with perfect (and Mary Sue, in my opinion). I love that my younger sister now has a character to admire that doesn't make her feel inferior. (Heck, Barbie makes me feel inferior). Barbie-izing (Barbie-fying?) the characters would only ruin them.

If it were to be a movie, I absolutely agree that Hayao Miyazaki and/or Studio Ghibli should make it. Until that wonderful day, my sister and I will stick to rereading the book. :)


That is so awful of them, are you going to watch it to see if they rip off your storyline?


I agree that PA would NOT be a good barbie movie or any movie at all. I was just saying that Shannon needs to cool down and WATCH it than decide if it is copying ideas!Don't jump to conclusions!

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