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May 25, 2011


Heather Z.

I remember the torso twin tour! :D

And how could you not want to eat up the darling, darling babes at your feet? Every picture you post of them renders me useless for up to three hours afterward. :)


I remember reading your posts about the torso tour - I had just read my first books by each of you. I never see those covers without remembering that tour's nickname and it always makes me smile.


I really like 'The Book of a Thousand days'. I loved the diary format it was in. Your baby's are so cute!!!!!

Amber Argyle

One of you is behind. Either you for not writing another book with a torso cover, or Libba for not having twins . . .


I am right now reading the interview you did with Stephanie Meyer!!!! It sounds like you guys are really close! Do you live near each other? I know you live near Jessica Day George, which is AWESOME!!! She is another of my fave fantasy authors.


Why is your forum 'Little red reading hood' always off-line? By the way, love the play one words!!!!!!!!!


Oh, I love those goofy photobooth faces. So fun! (Much more fun than torsos, though those covers are lovely.)


Book covers are WAAAY too much fun :)

Linda W

You guys are so hilarious!!!


Yay for torso twins! I totally remember that!

I MUST get my hands on a copy of Beauty Queens...

Miss Erin

ahh, you guys are so cute. I miss that tour. :)


Hi,this is my first time commenting!!! :) I love reading this blog! It is awesome. I love the photo booth pics!

Responding to Shelby's question about little red reading hood, It got shut down because the moderator couldn't moderate anymore. :( LRRH is very simmilar though you should check it out!


Ha ha, that's funny! I like the photobooth pics.

Now, if I could find out about the Super Secret Project, that would be wonderful. Just a thought.

Je Reve

Long live the torso twins, and your cannibal babes, too.

Ms. Book Nerd

You have a new torso book too!! What about Midnight in Austenland? Well, I guess it's not released yet, but still...

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I like first two posters. Third is too orientated on men.

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