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April 06, 2011



I'm really looking forward to this event! A group of us are coming from Ogden because this gathering of awesomeness is just too much to resist :)

Just because I was curious (and maybe slightly ocd) here's a pic of the Logan Library http://twitpic.com/4hpulu


Drat...me and my family used to live in Logan. But now we live in a different residence. But right now I'm vissiting my Grandma who lives in a completely diffrent state.

Wish I still lived in Logan, it is a wonderful and beautiful town. I love it.


Kinda makes me want to drive to Logan!


Soo, you're coming to Portland, OR next, right? Maybe when the twins are old enough? :) Have fun in Logan!


With those other random buildings, I nominate this to be the Logan library: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/25/Wfm_stata_center.jpg/287px-Wfm_stata_center.jpg


Yay! I am totally gonna be there!

Emily S.

Oh, Oh, Oh! I'm not too far from Logan! I will SO be there. I can't wait!


Debbie, I'm with you! :)


Ooooh!! I wish I could be there!!!

Laree @ Ever Heard of Euless

GRRRRRRRR! I wish so flippin bad I could be there. I'm so sending my sister with books!


Sighs. I know you are much too occupied -- with newborn twins and a family and writing great books -- to come up north and visit us in Montreal, Canada, but oh man oh man, how I would love to attend a reading of yours! Kudos to all the lucky folks who can make it, and erm, thank you for existing!

Sophia Chang

Did I hear that right? You AND Jessi...George...Dashner...::faints::

I've lived my entire life in the two largest metropolises of the U.S. and the prize goes to Logan, Utah. sigh


I grew up in Logan and never had an opportunity like this and now I am living in California and I just got back from visiting my family. I totally would have planned around this! I am sending my dad with my books for you to sign, and that's something for a grown 27 year old woman to ask her daddy : ) I look up to you so much and I am so glad you are going to Logan! Sorry I'm missing you but thanks for meeting my dad!


As a Loganite and a USU Aggie, all I can say is, "Hallelujah!"


All amazing authors!! I am so sad that I cannot make it up there to experience the awesome-ness that will be this event! If you have a few extra hours trak on down to Vegas, we would love to have you:-)


:( tear. I love you and Allie, but living in AK means that you don't ever meet cool authors...


Wishing I lived there right now! haha :)

How about Ohio, Shannon?

* desparate tone of voice *

Princess Loucida

You know, once Minnesota loses it's blanket of snow, it is really quite pretty. *hint hint*

Louisiana Kid

Louisiana would be nice! My friends and I are gigantic fans of yours! We have plans to make a Bayern feast on Halloween. Plus the weather here is great in the summer. It's so warm and shinny and green.


Wow! Wish I could travel to Utah on short notice!


Is there a limit to how many books you can bring? Cause if not, I'm bringing all of mine!


So very few authors come to Seattle. :(


So very few authors come to Seattle. :(

Je Reve

Drat. I live about 500 miles away. Have fun!


And my best friend had to pick that day to get married in Portland. *sigh* Maybe another time.

Rebecca F.

Awesome! I'm so excited. I defend my Thesis that day so I will have something to look forward to all day and to help push through the nervousness.

Amber Argyle

OH! OH! OH! I live in Logan. I will be there. I will stalk you. I will buy lots of books. *squeals deliriously*

Amber Argyle

Also, I'm a local author. I'll try to pimp your signing through my networks. :)


Man, do I wish I lived in Logan. Or, for that matter, anywhere in Utah...LOL. :D


Indeed. I wish I lived in Utah... Or anywhere authors came to visit. Unfortunately I live out of the way in the prairies of Canada. Oh well.

But to all Loganites: Have an awesome time!


Woo Hoo! Driving up from North Ogden! Driving up from North Ogden! *sing song voice*


You know, Arizona isn't REALLY as hot as everyone thinks it is... ;)

Alexandra Wood

Awesome, I wish I could come. But I live in Indiana... and I just got back from Pennsylvania, so... Have fun!


This is the best thing ever. I will be there.


I would love to attend a reading of yours! Kudos to all the lucky folks who can make it,


Hmmmm. That last picture is actually of the Logan valley, if I'm not sadly mistaken.
Yay!! Can't wait. I read your other blog post from a few months back & was keeping my eye open, but when you said sometime this year, I was kind of thinking more like....autumn. So my mom just handed me a flyer from the library & I totally lost it.

Adrie Darcy (:

Baahhh yes!!!!!!! This is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!! :)

Adrie Darcy (:

PS Oops that url is not mine, sorry!!! :)


Could you please come to my library too, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We love you here too. And bring your friends! Pretty please. We'll have a lovely time.


Can you and Jessica Day George sign books is Chicago?


OH! I just wish I could go to Logan for a vacation, and to get a signed book!

Bonnie Childress

Truthfully, there are no words for how excited I am for Friday!!!
What I wouldn't give to be there in the van with all of you and just hang out and have fun. Thanks for doing this and organizing it.

Jasmin Cook

Shame that your not coming to England. Chippenham libary would have been great!


Ok, so I know many people are now requesting appearances, but I'm requesting Provo. Provo is closer than Logan. Provo is easy - you could slip over here quickly. I'll even babysit your kids if needed (I've worked with kids for years. I'm good at it). I'm only here for four more months and I REALLY want to meet you and tell you how much I love your books! I'll even drive to Salt Lake to see you. You don't have to go anywhere. Just have a signing or appearance or event or something! Please?


I grew up in Logan and I would LOVE to attend but I don't think I'll be making the 480 mile trip back for the event. I'd love to meet the authors and you and them whatever you do, keep writing. Because of these authors books my dyslexic daughter enjoys reading. She never gave up trying so you shouldn't either. Teach a child to enjoy reading and you teach generations to enjoy reading for a lifetime!


I was actually there tonight! I was so awesome to finally meet you! I am so glad me and my friends drove up there! The question/answer thing was hilarious :D

Kathy H.

Thank you, thank you! for coming to Logan! We loved having you (and everyone else, too.) My kids and I had a fabulous time! We loved the Q&A- better than a comedy show, and inspiring in a fun way!

Jullie Payne

Thank you so much for coming to Logan. It was a blast and an amazing experience to have so many great authors in one location for us up here in Cache Valley. Loved it! What a memory maker to listen to some of my favorite authors joke around with each other during the panel discussion. I was so impressed with your ease with of caring for a baby AND a crowd of literary fans at the same time. Thanks!!!


Now I see I have typos in there. Blah! But you get the idea. :) Thanks again for your time!

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