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April 18, 2011


Rachel Bateman

How fun to be able to interview a friend like that. I bet it's a great interview - I always like the ones that are more like conversations than straight-up interviews.

And poor Stephenie's been asked the same questions so many times, I am sure it was a breath of fresh air for her too. (and for her fans to read something new as well)


Ooh, I like this idea! I oughta do that, especially with my grandparents. Glad you had a great time with Stephenie!


I'm glad you posted this. I for one, am thrilled that Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight. For years my mother had been telling me I needed to write. I had no idea where I should even begin, so I procrastinated.

Then, I read Twilight and that gave me the inspiration I needed. Now I have an amazing literary agent and will go out on submission after we complete revisions on my YA manuscript. Wahoo!!

Oh, also, we LOVE Princess Academy in our house. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You're both amazing authors and it's great that you're friends!


I look forward to reading your interview! I wasn't sure what kind of info would be in the guide, this sounds much more interesting that what I was expecting.


Awesome, I am so glad you had this opportunity. You are a perfect person to do it. I bet you gals had so much fun together! Thanks for sharing!


Bonnie Childress

I never knew but I kinds figured two of you knew each other. I am sure it was fun to just hang out and visit with your friend. Where can we read the interview? Or did you tell us and I glossed over that fact.
Interview......who to start with?....Maybe my 2 sixteen year olds. Then do them again in 30 years.


...and I love the title of this post, you are so clever! :)


Okay, so two of my favorite authors would be...Stephenie Meyer and Shannon Hale. Squee. What fun. I didn't know you knew each other, and from what we Twilight Fans have learned about Stephenie, I think an interview with a friend would be the most fabulous kind of interview ever for her. I am a pretty loyal person when it comes to the people I'm fond of, and I hate the bad that's come with the good where the Twilight books and movies are concerned. I've been to two of Steph's book signings and chatted with her once at a party. She seems like the kind of gal who would be such a great friend. It's good to know in the midst of all the muck, she has you as a friend. Can't wait to read the interview. My copy just arrived a day or two ago. xoxo


I actually became a fan of YOU, Shannon because Stephenie recommended "Book of a Thousand Days" on her website! It's so refreshing to read a blog post praising Stephenie for once. I've gotten so sick and tired of repressing my admiration for Stephenie and love for Twilight because of this ridiculous "It's Cool to Despise Twilight" fad. I have many friends who used to share my love quite passionately who now profess to hating it! It confounds me, it truly does.
Anyway, I'm so glad your interview went so well and I think your 2011 Interview Challenge sounds like a fantastic idea!

Bryan Beus

If there is such a thing as distracted hearing disorder, I have it as well. Combined with my penchant for daydreaming, it makes it fairly difficult to pay attention.

My tenth grade chemistry teacher put it best when, during a parent-teacher interview with my mother, told her, "I've come to understand that in our classroom, there's all of us in our world, and then there's Bryan in his. I never quite understand with whom he's having a conversation."

I could tell many stories, but you've already covered it well enough.

Actually, wait, one more. This one's more "Selective Attention Disorder" or "Primitive Hunter Focus" times infinity. Somewhat related, but not really.

My roommate, a friend, and I were walking down the street one day. My friend suddenly said, "Oh, wow." My roommate then looked up and said, "Oh... w.o.w."

I, not understanding what was going on, looked around with my amazing selective-focus abilities and saw...nothing.

So, not wanting to look stupid, I affirmatively stated, "Oh, wow."

My roommate looked at me. "You have no idea what is going on, do you?"

He knew me quite well at this point.


He took my hand and pointed my finger to where a flashing ambulance, firetruck, and police car surrounded an SUV which, in the act of wrecking itself on a curb, had flung itself into the air and landed in a tree, still hanging half-suspended.

"Oh, WOW," I said.

It's a typical event in my life. Alas.

I'm not sure exactly how this relates to "Distracted Hearing Disorder." I shall call it "Incongruent Tangential Conversationlism."


What a fabulous posting. I laughed... often. I particularly liked that you took creative license with the monkey. Perhaps everyone should have a pet monkey. My sister (who lives in Uganda) has a pet monkey. His name is Wes. According to my 18mo nephew, all monkeys are Wes. As far as I can tell he doesn't even know what a monkey is. But he knows what a Wes is.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. Your footnotes were the best. (And I look forward to reading the interview.)

Jenni Elyse

Thanks for posting this. You shouldn't have any reservation about posting this, but I can totally understand why you'd hesitate. I look forward to the interview.


I just finished reading your interview in my book! I love that you two are both just down to earth people that are amazing writers!! I love Twilight and I love your Bayern books. I am a stay at home mom of three and I am amazed at the incredible talent of both or you while you have a husband and kids! I think you both deserve friends and what better ones are there than those that share the same love?? I don't actually have any aspirations on becoming a writer, I am just thankful that you were both blessed with such great talents that I get to benefit from!
Thanks to both of you!

Emily G

I love that you were able to go on a quick vacation (I'm assuming sans kids.) While I'm sure your daughters are angels, I would guess (okay speaking for myself here) it is sometimes nice to have time to yourself, and always nice to be with a girlfriend to gab. Congrats to you both!


I look forward to seeing the interview and will seek it out just since it's sounds so interesting a process to professionally interview a close-friend. I am tickled to death to find you and Stephanie Meyers know each other. It's ironic since I often give your stuff to Twilight fans trying to say hey, there's this much less famous but hugely awesome LDS female author...give her a try!


It is very sad that you would have to hesitate to share your support of a friend and author because of excessive possessiveness and/or opinionatedness (not a real word) in the internet world. There is nothing so inspiring as artists (writers, painters, musicians, etc.) sharing their work with one another. It's such a fresh way to approach a work. I'm excited to read the interview, not only because I love both your and Stephenie's writing, but because I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of that conversation.


A college professor once said years ago (when they only had those mini audio cassettes) he interviewed his parents and wifes parents and then he'd let his kids listen to the tapes as bedtime stories. Even though they weren't blessed to live near them they got to know dear stories of their grandparents. You've reminded me I'd like to do this too. Thanks!


How cool. I'm glad you blogged about this. I thought you were going to say the monkeys were da babies. ;-)


I'm glad that you posted about this! There is far too much hate thrown around on the Internet, and it makes me glad to see people being courageous despite that.


Your interview project reminds me of StoryCorps, some of whose stories get played on NPR...they have some neat projects and suggestions related to interviewing family members: http://storycorps.org/.


You have a huge heart and I envy Stephenie Meyers her friendship with a person like you more than all her literary success. You're both blessed.

Amber Argyle

Sounds like fun! But why am I having a hankering for steak and the nature channel???


Our library just ordered that book, and I wasn't interested -- until now! I usually am not terribly interested in background stuff to great books. But you made the interview sound just delightful!


I don't particularly care for the Twilight Saga, but Ms. Meyer seems like a nice lady and I'm glad that you got to get out of the house! ;)


I am ready for my interview. It should prove to be very interesting and you may even want to publish it someday. just kidding. Sounds fun though.

Alexandra Wood

I will have to interview my family too!!! It will be fun, thanks for the idea! And I'm sure it was fun to talk to Stephanie.

The writer who dances ocasionally

That seems pretty cool,to interview a friend and get into a deep conversation,something I've always wanted to do with some friends or so. I can't wait to read the interveiw =D


I'm really not a fan of the whole vampire fad...its a little dark and creepy for me. But I would love to get to do what you do, for sure...befriend fellow authors and eventually get to a point where I could INTERVIEW them! Needless to say, I think you are just about the coolest person EVER. Thanks for being awesome :)


Your comments about the distracted hearing made me sit up. My son was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder 2 yrs ago. It's absolutely real. He is 11 now and I still can't give him a string of commands. One or two maybe he can digest and follow through with. If there is TV, music, other conversations, I have to make eye contact or touch him on the shoulder to be sure he is 'connected' to me and our conversation.

But often our communication ends with, "What do you mean?", "I don't get it." or my favorite (not) "What did you say again?"

It is a wonderful way to learn the art of patience to have such a child.

BTW, another of my sons, 7 1/2, has trouble reading and his reading tutor at school suggested that perhaps he might have Visual Processing Disorder.

So communication, in whatever form, is sometimes challenging in our household.

Thank goodness hugs & kisses (and lots of smiles) transcend all barriers.


I have distracted hearing disorder too!! What a coincidence. And I really dislike talking on the phone. You are not alone in your struggles. Feel free to join my support group (Distracted Hearing Disorder Anonymous.)


Yep, I totally have problems hearing when there's background noises! And talking on the cell phone is horrendous. Especially male voices.


You should look into "Auditory Processing Disorder", sometimes also called "Central Auditory Processing Disorder".

A good book about the disorder is "When The Brain Can't Hear" by Teri James Bellis

You might have just found the "official" name of your hearing woes...but you still shouldn't self-medicate. :)


How awesome. I'm looking forward to this book even more, now that I know this interview is in there!


p.s. How about inviting her to join us for Writing for Charity this year? That would blow my mind. :)

Christy Grigg

I pretty much love you Shannon. Your posts just make my day. The footnotes left me gurgling with laughter (is "gurgling" baby talk?) and at 38 weeks pregnant and sooo uncomfortable I need something to laugh about. It's great fun to catch a glimpse into the lives of famous authors (and yes I include you in the famous part) and realize that I have some things in common with you (being a mom, pregnancy nausea, NOT the famous part, lol). It makes me feel like great things are possible for ordinary people!! Thanks for making this blog a positive, entertaining, pretty much awesome place to spend some "free" time. :)


I love both you and Stephanie Meyer! You both are awesome writers with great books I just can't put down, so it didn't surprise me to hear you were friends. Out of all your books I have only read The Goose Girl, but it was so good I can't wait to read more


I actually first read Twilight because of your (Shannon's) recommendation, and I'm going to have to check out that interview sometime soon.

I've never quite understood why people get on a blog that's clearly a fan site only to bash the crap...er, stuffing...out of something. Thoughtful criticisms and debate are one thing, but flaming haters drive me a little nuts.

Thanks for a great post.


I would never call myself a Twilight FAN, but that said, I own every single one of Stephenie's books. Including the graphic novel. And The Host was so, SO brilliant. But that said, I hate the way some people treat Stephenie so much more than the books which I do mildly dislike but at one time loved. I guess my tastes just changed. But in reading interviews etc. with her, I know that Stephenie's not this horrible witch-goddess. She's a woman who wrote a book that lots of people loved. Fantastic for her. And what's more fantastic is having you as a friend. I don't know which of you I'm more jealous of. But I would have liked to be in the room.

And I will attempt to interview- well, someone. And get back to you on it.


I occasionally have random dreams that I'm meeting Stephenie Meyer and we become friends. It usually takes place on a cruise ship. No monkeys involved, unfortunately. It would be a dream come true to meet either of you!

I do know a friend of yours, though. Her name is Jennifer and she lives in Draper. I met her when we read The Goose Girl in my sister's book club. I have that up on my awesome experiences list next to knowing a man who had once shaken Walt Disney's hand on a movie set (It was Summer Magic. He played the piano mover's assistant and got to flirt with Hayley Mills).

I'm excited to read your interview!


Seems like a fun idea to interview family members about what they do. I think I will do it sometime. Maybe even make a notebook on it.[1] Although, I don't know when any of my relatives will have the time to just sit down and talk to me for three hours in conversation. But, I'm still going to try to do it.
[1] I take different ideas that I would love to do for a living, and put them into notebooks, so I can look back on them and say: "Remember when..."


Ha, ha, I have Distracted Hearing Disorder too. People know that it's not that I am hard of hearing, I just can't pay attention to them while I'm working on something else.


I teach the fourth grade at a school in Utah. Last week was librarian appreciation week. To celebrate, we had the kids answer trivia questions about books. One question was: "What book has been requested/put on hold the most this year?" Answer: "Calamity Jack."


Is the twilight saga any good? (because ive heard that "good friends don't let friends read twilight" and that if you read it, you are wasting your precious time)


Oh, sorry. I really didn't mean that as hate mail. I just want to know what the Twilight books are like to know if I should read them. I really don't know anything about Twilight besides what my friends (who are loyal Harry Potter fans) tell me.


If Shannon Hale likes Twilight, its probably pretty good.

melissa @ 1lbr

Gosh, I guess I never appreciated how nice it is not to have super-famous good friends. Sounds complicated. :)


I got to inteview a friend of mine for a magazine article, and it was completely eye-opening. Friends don't talk to each other like an interviewee responds.. It was cool!

And I'm sorry people are mean about Stephenie... :( Makes me thankful I've never been super successful. Seems haters will find you everywhere.


Totally have distracted hearing disorder too--I can hear just fine, but understanding just what is said can be tricky, especially if there's a lot of noise around or if people are talking quietly...and yes, phone calls can be a problem too :)

On another note, I think it's fabulous that you interviewed Stephenie Meyer for that book, and it makes me more interested in checking it out. (If I remember it correctly, I'm another of your fans who started reading her books on your recommendation.) The whole fad with disliking her is so sad and more than a little pathetic. Yeah, I understand where some of the critics are coming from, but no book will be perfect in everybody's eyes, simply because people are different and take things differently. I for one loved her books, and echoing Miriam, The Host was definitely brilliant.

I love that you talk about your book world friends on this blog, and hope you'll continue to do so :)

(By book world, I meant book industry, not book characters, though of course I love when you talk about the characters too ;) )


Happy Easter, everyone! :)

Hannah Briggs

I definitely have that disorder. You can ask anyone I know, or talk to on the phone. That is one of the reasons I do not answer phones often. (Or own a cell phone for that matter.)
P.S. You are both awesome authors and even though I don't aspire to be an author, you guys are my role models.
P.S.S. Happy Easter to you, too Emma! (And no, I don't know you.)

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