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March 08, 2011


Nellie Butler

Ah, now there was a rumor I missed! Mafia, eh? It's enough to scare an aspiring writer like me away!

Thanks for the insight :)

Je Reve

I knew about the Mormon Mafia... Can you can King's English?


When my blog partners and I review books on our blog, we only write positive reviews. Part of that is because a lot of books we review are books whose authors one of us has met, and a lot of those are first-time authors. Seems a little heartless to bash someone's first book to pieces in a public forum, so we focus on the positive, even if the book wasn't our favorite. If there's no positive to focus on, we just don't review it. Wish more people had a similar policy...


It's smart to only write on the Internet what you would be comfortable saying to someone's face. Seems a little hurtful to try to knock out the competition. Oh well, I guess that's life.

Emily G

I'm not a writer nor an aspiring writer, but your comment on the desires of writers who are often isolated to collaborate hit home to me. As a highly educated SAHM with only a very part time teaching position, I find myself seeking professional advice, solace, and humor from other moms in order to do my job - raise the next generation - the best way I can.

I've heard many people mock the mommy-blog genre but I see it the same way you do, professionals collaborating and commiserating on the ups and downs of their very important job.

I know this is not related to most of what you are saying but it is what I think.

Shannon Morris

Someday I hope to be worthy of becoming a member of the Rock Canyon group. Watch for me!

wendy toliver

Great post, Shannon!


It makes me smile to find out that the authors I read know each other and like each other enough to spend time together and promote each other. :)

Anna P

i heard the rumor. from you! :) your rock canyon group sounds wonderful though. perhaps someday, i'll be a part of it.


Speaking of Midnight in Austenland - my teacher gives us a current event sheet every day, along with a "Name this Person" and "Name this Country." Today's person was Colin Firth, and I recognized him from reading Austenland!

Kelly C.

Loved Austenland! Can't wait for Midnight in Austenland!

And, umm when are you going to tell us about your super secret project??!!! I can't wait to hear it, you're killing us!

Or at least me, I can't speak for everyone but I bet they can't wait either.

Oh yeah, loved the 'Without the killing. (As far as you know)' Part, that was pretty funny!


I thought this was going to be a super secret project reveal, but alas!
I'll just have to be patient. :(


I want to be part of the Mormon Mafia of YA writers. How do I join? I've got the Mormon part down. :)


I think the whole YA Mafia thing (which is hilarious by the way) does speak to the dividing line the unpublished feel between them and the published. Publication, no matter how capricious, still seems like a mark of hallowed approval, a club if you will, that the unpublished don’t belong to. Most of the published writers I’ve met, seem very kind and giving to those of us still in the peanut gallery of the unpublished, but you still never quite fell like one of the “cool kids.” I’m guessing that those pressures still exist when you’re published, and maybe someday, I’ll find out. Sigh.


Okay, that John Scalzi link had me giggling until tears ran down my face. Smash the poopy writer my dark lovelies, indeed...hoooooo boy. My husband came into the room to see what was the matter, that's how hard I was laughing.


Thank you-thank you-thank you for the link to the Scalzi article. Laughing that hard just added three years to my potential life span.

I am so excited for Kristyn to email Rock Canyon about my ideas for Writing for Charity. I have two different groups who have expressed interest in hosting the event--lots of wonderful possibilities on the horizon! Working to help you guys put that event together makes me feel: honored/humbled/only slightly terrified that I will humiliate myself.


The bashing is so sad. I've taken your advice from weeks/months ago where you encouraged constructive comments if one does not like a book. i've really taken that to heart and tried to make my reviews such that it is clear that the review is for specific reasons. No more general statements. i appreciate reviews that are specific and assist me in choosing whether to read or pass. Can't wait for Austenland 2!


I cannot WAIT for Midnight In Austenland... Man. It's gonna be awesome.

Beh heh heh, mafia jokes. Fuggedaboudit. ;D


Don't lose the ironic tone. Emoticons are ok. But only if they are animated, possibly flashing.

Laree @ Ever Heard of Euless

Wait - did you just let me know I have to wait almost a YEAR for Midnight in Austenland?!?!


guess I'll have to find about 100 books to fill the void between now and then!

(and why is it that people forget that whole "if you can't say something nice" thing when they are in front of a computer!)


Hi Shannon! Long time reader, first time poster. I just noticed that a Special Edition of Forest Born is coming out in October with a fabulous new cover! When are you going to tell us more about that?


aw, come now Shannon! I'm sure they'll let you in yet! Maybe you'll 'make them an offer they couldn't refuse,'


Cool...thanks for the advice. I don't want anyone to HATE me if I ever get anything published lol. I did once complain about a Scot Westerfeld book on my blog, but I reccomended the series anyway because I love/hate it lol.

Anna, ze #1 fan

I sha'n't submit to inserting emoticons!!
(By the way...L.M. Montgomery spells sha'n't that way, and it makes sense...but it is also spelled shan't. Strange. Well, I shall be original.)


How on earth do you join Rock Canyon Writers? I'd love to help out by offering some books or something, but I googled it and came up with Rock Canyon in Provo . . .
amberargyle at yahoo dot com

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