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February 16, 2011



Oh my goodness, this warms my heart. Thanks for sharing, Shannon!

Debbie (Celes)

That's wonderful! I love hearing book-love stories, especially when they are about books I love too!

And that picture is pretty sweet. What sort of adventures would have gotten them stranded there, hmm?


I hope someday my writing has any sort of impact on someone, like your books have on others, and myself personally.

kathleen duey

What a lovely letter!! When your schedule allows it, you should really consider a third book, especially since the drawing engaged your writer-brain instantly...


Thanks for sharing that story! That was awesome! And the picture is so very cool!

melissa @ 1lbr

That's definitely better than a payment. Not that money wouldn't also help... :)


No complaints about a possible third book here - but did they actually manage to sink Easter Island? Or is this a possible reappearance of Atlantis (after a long ocean-bottom tour)? I love it whatever it is!

Jake the Girl

That reminds me of my third grade classroom last year. I brought in my copy of Rapunzel's Revenge to read aloud to a small group of kids who were having academic and behavioral issues. After they got through their regular reading work, I would read a few pages aloud to them. Soon they were fighting to read the book during silent reading time (even though all three were at a first grade level and usually hated reading). They even wanted to take turns reading it aloud to ME instead of the other way around!

After several weeks of this, the rest of the class started to get curious about Rapunzel. The school library only had one copy, so there was a class waiting list for both copies. Eventually I ended up reading the book aloud to the whole class, even though the kids in the back couldn't see the pictures, because I was tired of mediating arguments.

Juliana Montgomery

I should have told you this before, but my son also got really excited about reading thanks to Rapunzel's Revenge. He read it over and over and it helped him develop the habit of reading himself to sleep every night. He was such a reluctant reader, but now he's way ahead of the curve. (His other favorite from a local author? "Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians," of course!)


I have a similar story: My dad picked the Goose Girl up for me at a book fair a few years ago, and I was instantly hooked. I found the book graceful, lovely and absolutely captivating. My mom read it, followed by my friends and all of her friends, and all of my Mom's friends' friends. Soon my copy of the book was traveling out of state because there was a long waiting list at alot of libraries and it was faster just to send it. I'm sure there are alot of stories like this, because your books are magic.


Books are magical. And the persons that create them are the creations of that magic which catches our attention immediately. I love to re-read Acadamy Princess. And your husband is quite the artist! he should do an artist book of his works! :)


That wonderfully provocative picture cries out for a third book, and starts you off beautifully on the plot! Go for it, Shannon!


Please do.


We've had the same reaction here. When I brought the book home from the Barnes and Nobel signing, it was snatched by my 10-year-old. I only had to wait a day to get it back because she devoured it (RR). She moved on to Jack the next day. Our family would love another story! :D


I'd love another Rapunzel story! Rapunzel's Revenge and Calamity Jack are among my favorite books of yours, second only to The Goose Girl.
I'm overjoyed that you've said that people write books because they have stories that need to be written down-- because I feel the same way. I have a mental list of over a dozen ideas for books (I actually counted before writing this), and I'm close to completing my first full-length manuscript. With all of those story ideas, it's probably a good thing I'm starting early-- I'm 14 years old now, and have been writing little stories since I was 8.


Yes, please DO write a third. Please!

Myrna Foster

Yes, please :o)

Robyn P.

Please, Please do a third! I already posted on Nathan's blog that my daughter and I were just talking last Saturday about how we would need to start pestering you 2 on your blogs to do a third book. My daughter got Rapunzel's revenge for Christmas 2 years ago and STOPPED opening all her other presents to read it! She has re-read it over and over and over again! She got Calamity Jack last year when it came out and has read it over and over and over again. She would love a third installment!


I guess I've always enjoyed reading, but after I read The Goose Girl, I think that love has grown. That story is one of the most amazing books I've ever read- always one I recommend to people when they ask for a new book.(in fact, my friend has been borrowing it for a few months right now, and I'm going through a type of withdrawal :) ) Rapunzel's a great one too, but The Goose Girl is one of two all-time favorites!

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

DO IT!!! DO A THIRD ONE!!!! Ahem. Please. :)



my boys, 10 and 7, also love the books.


Shannon, give into the urge! :D

Naomi Kritzer

My daughters (both of them) would LOVE a third installment. In fact, Kiera somehow got it in her head that a third book was forthcoming and has been asking me if I know when it's coming out.


Yes, please do a third! :D
I read Rapunzel's revenge for the first time the other day - I can't get over how ridiculously awesome it is! My little sisters (who are now bigger than me) are also big fans - so I just want to shout out from three girls in New Zealand - thank you so much! :D

Alexandra Wood

Your books are awesome, but I unfortunately haven't read Rapunzel's Revenge or Calamity Jack. The libraries I have looked never seem to have them in when I want to read them. Oh well, I will sometime, I promise. Also I think maybe a sequel for Princess Academy, or another Book of Bayern would be nice. I already know a lot of people want them. Keep writing!

Kelly C.

You're right, that's sooooooo much better than money!


I don't know if you've heard this already or not, but NBC is coming out with a new Wonder Woman TV show. Here's the link to the article:



Oh, wow! What a great story, and what a great valentine. Thank you to Nathan! As to a third book... I would LOVE to know just what happened to our fearsome duo to get them stranded on a flooded Easter Island.


I found this post through Nathan's blog and wanted to pass on some Rapunzel love of my own.

Since buying my own copies I have barely been able to keep them on my bookcase! I seem to be constantly lending them out to friends of all ages. :) One friend in particular need mentioning:

My mom, an elementary school librarian, read my copies and then made SURE to get them into the school. Since then they are never on the shelf for more than a day before someone new (or old!) checks them out again.

If a third book ever does occur I am sure we will love it. :)

Marcus Aurelius

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Nathan Hale and his insufferable talent?

He's a show-off, that's what!

Fargle bargle wargle!

Marcus Aurelius

Annnd because I just remembered how poorly sarcasm translates in text, I should probably say that I love Nathan Hale and it was only my base jealousy that had me saying scandalous things like that.

Nathan should be receiving the equivalent of a Care Bear Stare from the paint brush symbol on my tummy right about now.

Seriously, my caring meter is over in the red. He buried the needle.


That made me cry a little! I love books so much and sharing my love of books with my son. So cool!


Rapunzel and Jack rank right up with Captain Underpants in my 7 year old son's mind. When I explained that unlike Captain Underpants there were only these 2 books, he wanted to know why and when the next one was coming out. He's reread both of them over and over. Rapunzel's Revenge is his favorite. He'd be thrilled (as would I) if you made another one.

Nathan Hale

This comment thread is a roller-coaster of excitement! Thanks for being Rapunzel fans! I'm glad you enjoyed the artwork, it was fun to draw Jack and Punz' again.

Marcus, I did feel your Care Bear Stare--I thought it was indigestion.


So sweet...


You do a third and we'll be right there to buy it!!! I'm still nibbling my nails in anticipation for MIA too. :)

Je Reve

I love the easter island heads... Thanks for sharing that (funny because it's true) story.


Third... PLEASE?
I know exactly how your daughter felt about "Rapunzel's Revenge." Same thing happened to me in fifth grade. : )





That's awesome! I just love the Rapunzel books. They are full of genius and fun! I read them so fast and when I finished I was dying for the next one! I do hope you'll write a third! I know it's a lot of work, but they are wonderful books!


And while you're at it, maybe a fifth book of Bayern? I LOVED THEM!!!!

By the way, last year I got a friend of mine absolutely hooked on Princess Academy. We would sit in class with the copies hidden in our desks, and pass notes to each other, like "OMG! Marda just broke her leg!" The teacher never noticed...


please please please please write a third rapunzels revenge book and dassie yeah please please please PLEASE a fifth book of bayern <3 love your books i have all 10 if thats not a fan i don't know what is

Anna P

this literally brought tears to my eyes!
what a wonderful compliment to a writer. it must be heart-warming and oh-so rewarding to know that your works are so loved by so many.


Man, I would LOVE a third Punzie book!!! The ending of the second one CERTAINLY left room for a sequel...
Your graphic novels are the only ones I've read, aside from some Spiderman comic books. I recommend them to pretty much everyone I've ever talked books with. Keep it up, please! :)

Shadow Cat

I know everyone else already wrote this but PLEASE write a third book with Jack and Punzie, they are so much fun! Thanks for all the great books and illustrations!


I wish being an author meant you were also rich. That'd be nice.

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