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February 03, 2011



Love it.

They are adorable and growing so fast.


It just doesn't get cuter than that!


I'm glad that wasn't about what I thought it was from your tweet! (Sorry, I have three boys of my own.)

Your babies are adorable.


I love the poem. Your girls are so cute. So perfect. I loved when my babies were at that stage. Now they're all big, which is fun too but there's nothing like the adorable kissable squishiness of babydom.

Jaclyn Weist

They're so cute! I love it when they start holding onto their feet. Even better when they can pull them up into their mouth. Cuz really, can we do that?!


Oh, geez... That is just the cutest thing I've ever seen! :D

Stephanie Abney

Delightful!!! Such cute babies. :)


So CUTE!! Love.


This is just the kind of cute I needed to finish out a Thursday! They have the best smiles!


Awwww, they're gorgeous :)


So awesome!

Anna P

great poem! and adorable little girls! you lucky woman, you.


Shannon! Your babies are so so sooooo irresistible! You are so blessed to have two happy and healthy little souls! I LOVE that poem, too! It is great to see a picture!


You could make a book with translated poems in them! I would buy it! :D


This is so sweet! My baby girl, just about a week younger than your two, has recently discovered the joy of her feet as well. I love the poem.

Your girls are gorgeous!


Thank you for sharing the cuteness of your beautiful daughters with us!


Aaah! (Brain implodes from cute overload.)



That just made my day. And your -- er, Magnolia's -- poetry is hilarious.


Your girls are growing up, Ms. Hale! They are so so so so so so so so CUTE!!!

Myrna Foster

I remember that poem! Thanks for posting pictures of your twins. They're beautiful.

Jenni Elyse

Your babies are so so cute. They look a lot like your husband.

That poem is way cute, too!

Julia King

Absolutley beautiful children. Thanks for translating the poem. It was sure fun to read. Thanks for being such a good mom. We need more of those out there.

Marcus Aurelius

Man. Maggles is something of a wunderkind. I know a guy who can publish some stuff (best let me handle it, this whole book selling business is probably too much for the likes of you or Dean), if she's put out anything more recently.

Let em know, 'cause I could probably get you a good 85/15 split.

Je Reve

Those are very nice. I want a pair.

Kelly C.

Awww... there's only one thing that can describe it -adorable, cute, wonderful, delightful, beautiful, great, happy, awesome, and most of all, CUTE!


All too often we take our mobility and flexibility for granted. Thank you for some cute reminders of the wonders of the human body as exemplified by the sport of baby toe grabbing.

Shannon Morris

Little Hale muffins!!!! How irresistable!

Abby Minard

Awww! So cute! Perfectly describes the plight of the poor baby and the final triumph of getting those toes in her mouth.


Wow! They are growing so fast. What a great poem.


They look so happy! I just want to cuddle them. So cute! They're growing so fast!


Maggie takes after her writer mom ;).

Princess Luna

The one in pink looks so happ,the one yellow is cute two. And your daughter is a born writer,no lie.


Oh how I adore baby feet! I always mourn when they thicken and harden during toddlerhood ...


i just want to be there to hold them. what cuties!


AWWWWWWWW how cute are they?!


Those are the CUTEST, most ADORABLE babies I have ever seen! Love!


so so so so so beautiful! May I ask, which one is Dinah, and which one is Wren?

Laura Z M

Awww. They're so cute, it makes me wish they were triplets.

Or quadruplets.


All I can say is AAAWWW!


they are so so so cute! awww!


dropping by for the first time...

just finished Forest Born. Somehow I missed the middle two books of the series, but The Goose Girl and Forest Born were such great reads!! I'm on a Shannon Hale kick. (also just read Book of a Thousand Days and Princess Acadamy. love.)

So now I'm going to go check the rest out one at a time and escape into your world a little longer.

Thanks for sharing your talent!



awwwwwww..... Happy little baby balls! That is so cute!!! When another poem cones... can you please translate it.

Also, I just finished reading Princess Academy for the 5th time. Your books are sssssssooooooooooooo good!!!

Anna Elliott

Soooo cute! Oh my goodness, so, so cute. My baby (17 mos. now) would play with her toes for SO much longer than any toy. I loved that stage--I could put her on the bed right behind my computer and she'd lie there sucking on her toes for a solid 20 minutes. I remember once typing in an e-mail to friend, 'this e-mail brought to you by the fascinating power of TOES'.


I love it!! Our baby is almost a year old, and she still loves her toes. Who needs expensive toys when you have toes?


You are obviously a very literate family, :D


Ooooooohhh!!! :) :P :D They are ADORABLE!!
Shannon, you would make a very good poet.

Dr. Sallie N. Cheinsteen

They are so freakin adorable. Love it. :)


I just read Book of a Thousand days for the first time two days ago. I had been waiting for it from my library for over a year so I decided to order it from another library and got it in two days! Long story short: I loved it and the poem you wrote to your editor in the front. They were both well written and a joy to read. This poem is adorably cute, almost as much as your babies...:)


Those pictures make me smile and soooo make me want to kiss their little toes!

Baby Mama

After getting used to the surreal news that I am pregnant (Yes! Yes! Finally!), today I learned that I am pregnant with twins. Whaaaaat? Unbelievable. Somebody could say, "Guess what? You're having an alien!" and it would actually seem equally as plausible. This sort of news is too good to be good true to such a degree, that it borders on being terrible (Um, what exactly does having twins entail?). The only thing I know about twins is what Shannon Hale writes about them in her blog. Before today I viewed these posts as something of a wildlife documentary (fascinating...yet irrelevant) but suddenly those posts seem very relevant. They seem CRITICALLY important. So thank you for them Shannon, and for proving that no matter what happens, it's best handled with lots of humor and love and grace, and of course, lots and lots of stories.

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