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January 10, 2011


Amanda Norr

What is the difference between the Medal and the Honor?


I think this is the first time that I have not read ONe of the titles that won. Not even any honors!
Man, I feel so out of touch...

Yay For Terry Pratchett and Smekday!!! Two of my favorites!


I'll have to get reading... :)


Wow, the Newberry was very historical fiction heavy this year.


I haven't read any of those books. I really need to get to the library.


I love Newberry books! I always get one to read when I go to the library from their special shelf.


There is definitely something wrong because I had NEVER read any of those books! Oh well, looks like I have to go to a stop at the library sooner or later anyway! Ummmm.... the difference between a Newbery award and the Newbery honor is that the award is better, right? All of them are probably good but those probably shine above the rest!

I agree that Calamity Jack should have gotten the Caldecott award because I absolutely LOVE the pictures and the story. Is it possible to get the Caldecott award and the Newbery award at the same time? Or for a bookto have both the Caldecott award and a Newbery award?

Anyway, congratulations to all of the winners!


Are graphic novels considered for the Caldecott? I don't really know the rules. It would be nice to be up for both awards for the same book.


From what I remember, the awards are meant to honor the highest achievement--but the committees that choose the awards may also choose honor books, and the number of honor books may vary from year to year.

See this page on the Michael Printz award for more details on the award selection process:

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