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December 06, 2010


Shannon Morris

How cool that your book has been done as a one-act. What a compliment! Any more on movie talk?

Enna Isilee

Squee! Oh, the whole cast was SO happy you came, Shannon. Honored, really. :)

And as someone who practically LIVES on a college campus, I must say that our dialog is very primate-ish in nature. ;)

Christy Grigg

Ahhh! I'm only half-way through this pregnancy and already craving those "primate" moments. I can't wait to snuggle, kiss, and smell my baby girl. What a tantalizing post!

Awesome about the play...I just love that book. Can't wait for MIA!!


Getting to see your book as a play, what a cool experience. But also odd, liking watching someone else play and coddle your child.


Soooooo true...
Whenever a person sees a movie based on a book, they usually say that the company changed the book completely into a whole new, different story. That may be true, but did we ever stop and think that maybe, they altered the story from what we imagine it to be, to what they imagine it to be? Now I know that next time I see a movie, I can appreciate the castings, the storyline, and the settings much more, and not critique it so harshly.

P.S. Must be really cool to see a play of your own book!


How fun to see a play made from your book! I bet it was surreal - but what an honor. :)


Babies are incredible... :)

Sara B. Larson

What an interesting experience that must have been, very cool.

And I totally understand what you mean about smelling my babies. I totally do the same thing. I have to tell you--you look AMAZING. I can't believe you just had twins. Wow, girl. And also, your babies are too darn cute! I'm so glad I got to see you and Dinah on Saturday. :)


I was there!!! If only I didn't have a class on the other side of campus right after! I had to rush out even before they had the discussion.


These are good points, but still, I can never forgive the Harry Potter movie makers! At least for the movies 3-7.
It is interesting, though, the way we watch someone else's interpretation. It's really a wonder we can like movies at all, everyone's so unique and complex.

Alexandra Wood

Babies are so sweet.


People always give me an odd look when I say that I could tell my twins apart in the dark just by smelling them. I'm glad someone else knows what I'm talking about!


Just wondering, how would you feel if one of your books was made into a movie? Would you want to be involved at all, or just wait to see the finished product?

Samantha Stewart

sniffing babies is a favorite pasttime of mine. I know exactly what you mean when someone else holds your baby and the smell comes back with them.


I would love to see The Goose Girl become a movie!

Abby Minard

So cool, a one act play with your book? And I loved Austenland! And I totally get that about books-to-movies- it's a reader's interpretation (I hope the creator of the movie has at least read the book ;p)


"A baby makes eye contact, and we look back. A baby smiles, and we smile. A baby coos, and we coo too."
It's so true!:) And when they laugh, we laugh.



Any change the play will be performed again -- and advertised so those living close can come and see it?


Any chance, not change. Shesh! I should just stop typing now


Babies re so cute!


That bit about babies is so true. A friend of mine commented on that the other day. How adults will do anything to make a baby smile. We'll laugh, coddle, make strange noises, act like children ourselves, and just to see a smile or hear a laugh. What would this world be like without babies? Terrible.

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Angi Parks

I've got one of those teeny beanie primates myself - Delia Claire was born on October 5. She's my third little girl, and I am soaking up every bit of her sunshiny goodness.

Shannon, I just finished "The Actor and The Housewife," and I miss hanging out with Becky and Felix! Thank you for that marvelous book. I find myself thinking of Becky often, and hoping to somehow emulate her good spirit and kindness. The book came along at the perfect time. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what you'll publish next. - Angi in Indiana


babies r adorable :)


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Hello Ms.Hale i love the books of bayern, when i read them its like they come to life. Isi, Enna, Dasha, Rin are my favorite charcters. Thank you so much for sharing your wounderfull talent with the rest of the world.

Kym @ Twinsideout

Shannon, do your twins smell distinctly different?? I always knew a mom knows her baby's smell, but that it was ONE smell (like a family scent) - it never occured to me that the babies would smell so different from each other, and yet so MINE at the same time... And also so different from their older sister!

Oh, I thought everything from that first few months was gone into "the blur", but I'm so glad your post brought back that sensory memory! Thank you...

Je Reve

When I read the post title, I imagined you and the twins in monkey costumes.

How absolutely cool, to see your work on a stage!

Lisa Asanuma

I don't know if you backread comments on older posts, but I offer you this:

"After all, reading is arguably a far more creative and imaginative process than writing; when the reader creates emotion in their head, or the colors of the sky during the setting sun, or the smell of a warm summer's breeze on their face, they should reserve as much praise for themselves as the do for the writer - perhaps more."
— Jasper Fforde (The Well of Lost Plots)

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