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September 06, 2010



Hang in there! I am glad you got to go outside, this cool weather is nice, I bet it felt great.

Julia Durrant

You are awesome. And make me laugh. :)

Nicole Bird

They've got all eternity to spend with you. I hope they stay inside too for as long as possible! My prayers are with you and your family!


You're handling a tough situation with wit and grit. You go, girl!


Hooray! Every day is a triumph for them.


I loved you when I first read Goosegirl, but I love you more when I read about what a good mommy you are.

Jaclyn Weist

You know, today I was wondering just how many people actually go into labor on Labor Day... I'm glad you're hanging in there. Best of luck!


Sometimes...the Outside is just amazing. :)


Your post made me giggle... I hope those babies realize what an awesome mom they have. :D


I just read up on the last few posts. I was on bedrest with my first from week 12 until she was delivered at 34 weeks...hang in there! She is now 6 and doing wonderfully. I can't imagine having to go through that with other children in the house as well. From my experience I learned, like you, the importance of a day. Good luck in the days (hopefully weeks!) ahead!

Anna Elliott

One of my favorite memories of pregnancy #1 is my sweet husband pushing me all around our local aquarium in a wheel chair. I so desperately needed to get out of the house and see something other than the living room walls! Thoughts and prayers to keep your sweet little girls inside as long as possible & you sane! All mamas are warriors!


That reminded me of the first time I went outside after having my first baby. It was like an amazing reminder that I still lived in the world...not just the four walls where I nursed, changed diapers, and tried to sleep whenever I could. :)

Christy Grigg

I know what you mean about Labor Day and the pregnant mind. For me though, my second was actually due Labor Day weekend...and she was 9 days late. Little stinker! I'm so glad the little ones stayed put, but I know how hard it is for you to "stay put" as well! Good thinking with the ride around the block. I'm praying for you!!

laura c stevenson

Hang in there. Both my babies came 6 weeks early, and it was Not Easy at first, but they developed just fine, and now each of them has a child -- also just fine. They are both wonderful, intelligent, active, and compassionate women.

All will be well.

Je Reve

I really wish you could have had this insanely good herb-grilled shrimp with mango salsa that I made last night.

Anyway, God bless you and Dean for making the right priorities (babies, food, outside, and justice league).

Shannon Morris

It's so interesting how every pregnancy experience is so different! After a scare the beginning with my first my kids never had a problem staying put, but when they came, THEY CAME!!!! One at 10 lbs, one at 8.5 and one at 7.12. I was so grateful the second two were just a bit early, the first one was a doozy!!!!

Myrna Foster

I'm glad you have Dean.


I'm a lurker. I might have commented once before, but I don't think so. But when I read that your husband got a "borrowed wheelbarrow" rather than a "borrowed wheelchair", I got a giggle out of the mental image, and had to share. I mean, the chivalry of loading his beautifully heavy with child wife into a wheelbarrow for a stroll around the block is overwhelming.

Barbara R.

My daughter loves your books and so do I. She keeps me up-to-date on your blog. I just wanted to cheer you on and encourage you to eat plenty of protein. Protein grows babies. A friend of mine carried her twins here in Orlando longer than anyone the hospital had had before because she made sure she had a high protein intake. Good luck and may God be with you!


I love getting to read something new on your blog everyday! Though, the fact that it's because your on bedrest makes me think your amazing! I have trouble sitting still so I know if I ever have to do it they'll have to strap me down! Your doing awesome!

Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury

Would you like to learn how to knit? That's something you can do lying down.

If Jessica doesn't have time to teach you (and she probably doesn't, with all the reading she's doing), I might be able to. My daughter (who lives near you) might be able to as well.

Maybe we could all come over and knit and chat with you, too.

Just trying to help. Good for you on all you are doing to give your darlings your best.


Ohh, I remember those last weeks of pregnancy, when time seemed to stand still. Sending many, many good thoughts for you and your babies, and for the rest of your family.


Thanks for the laughs!!!



I'm just now catching up on all of these entertaining daily blogs of yours! My own little family took a bike ride to Harmon's her in Sandy for treats on Monday evening, and it was gorgeous, wasn't it?

I just came across the Scottish word for dusk or twilight--it's "gloaming." Isn't that fun?

So as I was feeling my out-of-shape quads burning--slowly pedaling the wheels of my bicycle uphill (with my two youngest being pulled contentedly in the trailer behind me), at dusk on Monday...you were taking your little duo (is it "dua" for girls?) out for a spin in the gloaming as well.

Being outside at the most serene time of day makes everything feel better--even burning quads and swollen, almost ripe bellies.

Princess Loucida

Ha ha, I spent Labor Day in a wheelchair too! (Broken ankle, :S)


I have a friend who took me to the movies when I was on bed rest she brought a big lounge chair and put it were the wheel chairs go in the theater. It was awesome but my doctor was horrified that I did that. He was like I don't even want you walking to the kichen to make a sandwich and you go to the movies. I stopped telling him about naughty things I did but I was really good I think for having to be on bed rest for most of it all.


You are glamorous to me! Not (only) because you have published books, but because you are a mother who loves her family and wants to care for them more than anything! You are my hero, along with my own amazing mum. GO YOU! <3

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