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September 14, 2010



Haha! Okay, you guys make me laugh. Can't wait for your new babes to be born to your brood. :)


Oh, I am so drawing Brood Mother... The phrase just begs to be illustrated! :D

Isabella Kiss

That is great! Lady Behemoth sounds almost super villain as well!


Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you and the twins. I'm a fan of your books, but I still enjoy hearing about the other side of the author life. How you manage to sound so positive while being on bedrest is beyond me. Hang in there! We don't mind if you take a break from writing for a day (mothering should always come before authoring).


Brood Mother is a good one. I am opposed to Lady Behemoth. If my hub ever referred to me as that, carrying twins or no, it would not have gone over well. :D


Dean is hilarious, and a funny husband is a great asset. Mine had me laughing on the way to Labor and Delivery this time around. It definitely helps. Laughter is the best way to survive your last two weeks!


My twins are celebrating their 4th birthday today and I am really enjoying being the mother of twins. Sure it's hard in the beginning, but there are so many things that are amazing too.
I honestly felt like the pregnancy was the hardest part, because it's so painful and I don't handle pain well! And also because you have so little control over when you have them or how healthy they'll be and you worry incessantly. After they're born it's tiring, but you have more control over the situation. So hang in there...the craziest part is almost over!

I didn't have any Pregnancy nicknames myself but we quite affectionately called the boys our "litter."


I did wonder if you had the babies with the lack of posting yesterday...Luckily I made up for you and did a post dedicated to you on my blog! I am enjoying this daily posting stuff and have to give myself an occasional pinch to remind myself that we aren't actually real life friends. :)


35 weeks! Fantastic! I'm not sure if I like Meat Factory-sounds too mechanized and impersonal. Pig pocket sounds like it could be cute depending upon the tone and timing of usage.

Je Reve

Make sure Dean stays away from Beowolf. I'm taking Early Brit Lit, and my teacher named Gridel's mother Dolores.

my life in tune

"Pregomat" made me think of "Laundromat" which made me think of your two little fetuses spinning around on the tumble-dry low setting. Just in case you wanted to know.


A friend of mine called his wife "The Mother Ship" the entire time she was pregnant. It's still my personal favorite!


Well, you know, there IS the Brood Queen from the X-Men comics. But she's kind of an ugly creepy alien and not at all like you. ;)


I'm not an artist, but I was inclined. :)http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p162/weasleybabe24/BroodMother-1.jpg

"The Brood Mother: destroying the world with her legion of fearsome baby ninjas." :D


Oh Shannon, You make me laugh! :)


Have you read the poem "Metaphors" by Sylvia Plath? You might find some good nicknames in there. Also it will make you chuckle.


I'm cracking up at Pig Pocket!!

Shannon, you mentioned a couple of entries ago that you'll be undergoing surgery for the birth-- I don't know if it's your first c-section, but please allow me to offer up my best c-section tip anyway. After the birth, ask one of the nurses for an abdominal binder. It's a stretchy elastic thing that goes around your mid-section and helps your abdomen feel supported, so you can stand up straight and walk around more comfortably... and walking around will help speed the recovery process.

Best wishes as you enter the final stretch! Hope those little ones stay put for a while longer.


Your husband seems to be a comedian to lighten your days of bed or couch rest.

I am an true artist and would like to draw "Brood Mother", Although I wouldn't know how critics would take it...Would they think it offencive?

Purhaps I should just sketch it in a notepad and keep it there to be unseen.

Dont grudge yourself Shannon. Your sons will love you no matter what hardships you go through through pregnancy. Keep finding things to enjoy to lighten that grudge of hardship.

Keep it up, Shannon!:)

God bless you Shannon. Keep posting!:)


Abby Minard

I love all those names you guys come up with. I still love the baby name list you had a while back- brilliant!


My dear sweet husband liked to call me his "incubator" during my three pregnancies. And I agree with the whole pregomat related to the laundrymat statement. That's just funny. Good luck keeping those babies in for a little while longer! I'm praying for you.


Heh, watch for the super villain.....Brood Mother!


hehe definitely drawing brood mother. :) And OBVIOUSLY you didn't post on September 13th because it was my birthday!!

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