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September 08, 2010



My husband is an anatomy professor and he loves to tell stories about my humongous twin momma belly to his students. He even does a rather entertaining imitation of me attempting to walk. Unfortunately, we live in a small college town and I often end up meeting some of his students. They all want to see my stretch marks, I just know it, though they don't dare to ask!

my life in tune

Do you ever just feel like "the host"? Not that babies are parasites or anything. ...except that they kind of are. Anyway, sounds like you've got quite the party going on inside your wigwam.


Love it, and loving all these great posts we get to read lately!

I heart the belly too!


Funny! My husband who is an architect used to look at my gigantic twin belly and say "It's not structurally possible! It's like a cantilever!". WELL, I am here to say that yes it is structurally possible, and that awesome twin belly grew 14 lbs of baby!! Mine came out at 7.5 and 6.5 lbs!! It CAN be done!! Keep up the good work!

Julie Tate

I didn't know about the twins...congrats! I haven't done twins, but I did triplets...and I grew and grew and grew. Best wishes and hope I run into you soon!


This belly theory makes Buddhism a whole lot funnier, actually... xD

Karen Smith

I loved how TAUT the belly was while pregnant. I'd never had a belly that you could bounce a quarter off until I got pregnant. The smoothness, and the way the smoothness would sometimes be disturbed by an elbow, or usually a butt cheek (I think my last was doing hamstring stretches in-utero, as that butt would push against my upper right belly something fierce.)

Laini Taylor

I loved being pregnant (not having nausea probably helped!) and I loved the belly too! So much. It IS a marvel. Even now I look at pictures of myself pregnant and am amazed that Clementine was IN there. Lovely post, Shannon :-)


Shannon, I am so enjoying following along with your pregnancy journey, as we are at about the same point in our pregnancies-- only I just have one little girl in my ginormous belly, not two! I am in awe of all that you're doing, and I hope bedrest goes well for you. Thinking good, comfy thoughts for you.

Deb Lamborn

I too loved being pregnant and cradling my belly with my babies. I was always amazed that I could be part of such a miracle.
When I was pregers with my twins, I never spilled down my front, because I could balance my plate on my belly and catch anything that fell!
Mine were 6.10 and 6.15 and they have grown up the best friends. It's funny to hear them planning how they'll live next door to each other. I hope they do.

Janeil jones

Hey Shannon! Loving your posts! I've been thinking about you. Glad you're still pregnant!!!!! If M&M need to come over and play so momma can "rest," let me know!


I love being pregnant. I love feeling the kicks and movement. I am one of those with their hands constantly on the belly feeling all that movement. It is such a miracle to me, and I am so grateful that I have experienced it 4 times. People think I'm crazy when I say that, but I honestly love every part!


I was eating out with some friends last year. A bunch of us were pregnant and we were celebrating to give one particular friend (who was expecting the birth of her own twins a few weeks later) a happy send-off before her hibernation of double-newborndom would set in.

Before our entrees arrived, this cute prego friend and I were washing our hands in the restroom, when she whispers conspiratorily,
"You have to see this, sucker!"

She then proceeded to lift up her shirt over her gargantuan belly (stretch marks and all!) and I nearly fell to my knees in sympathetic pain. The only thing that could escape my lips was an empathetic gasp of "OOOOH!"

Such surprise and utter astonishment I may never have felt--until that living, hanging, moving mass reared its bulbous (as you so tenderly termed it) head.

And I truly appreciated for the first time what a woman bearing multiples could be undergoing. I thought carrying a few eight and nine pound babies one at a time was exhausting.

Boy, did I have a schooling....

Good luck over these last few weeks finishing up your manuscript for Midnight in Austenland! (Is that the right title?)


I'm reliving my twin pregnancy as I read this post! I pray for you and your babies all the time; we made it to 38 weeks and hope you will too!


Good for you guys! Seeing a pregnant woman with the belly always makes me happy. She's about to be a mom! The world is getting a new person! It's a sign of exciting things to come.

Isabella Kiss

Haha. Hysterical. I loved how you described your belly as a wigwam to the little squirmer inside. Lovely. :)


so, have you seen the show on TLC, "i didn't know i was pregnant?" i've seen it twice. i have 6 kids, no twins, and i am still in absolute awe that someone could hold a 7 lb living organism in their body and NOT KNOW. we might miss a lump in our breast, but could someone REALLY not know they had a BABY inside of them?

this silly show keeps me waking my husband up at night to explain to him their is NO WAY you don't know. random, but this show haunts me. :)

hope your day is restful!!


Okay everyone, confess. The best part about the belly is that you didn't have to apologize for it. It is one of the only times I felt relaxed about not having flat abs.

Meredith B.

I think this is why the prehistoric venus figurines have such an interesting pull-- at least for most women I've talked to about them. It's a push-pull, attraction-repulsion type of feeling. The form of the ancient venus figurine seems familiar, and there's a fascination to seeing that aspect of the female body explored. But it's so far outside of the ideas that our society uses when they portray the female human form, and our minds and imaginations are so shaped by the images that our society consistently presents to us, that sometimes the venus figurines seem foreign and other as well. There's something almost dangerous about them, which is odd when you consider that they should be as familiar and common as the birth of each human alive today. Fascinating!

Jenifer, you have me laughing out loud. Along the same lines, have you read the picture book that has Paul Zelinsky's version of the Rapunzel fairytale? It's based on the French version, and it's a little different than other versions. Most libraries and bookstores should have it. It will make you sooo glad that Shannon rewrote Rapunzel!

Samantha Stewart

I am really, truly enjoying these pregnancy posts. As much as I feel your pain (I've only had to bedrest short term, and THAT drove me nuts), these posts are doing nothing to alleviate my baby hunger.

Je Reve

You make them sound like alien deities... They are, sort of. Love you, Shannon!


And you'll be doing the bidding of those babies for a long time afterward, too. :) Sending many good thoughts!

Laura Z M

My favorite part of my pregnant belly (besides the baby inside) was the belly button. I normally have an innie, but during pregnancy I had kind of an innie-outie thing going on. It was awesome.


I love these posts! You capture pregnancy perfectly! We have two little men and are hoping to add a few more sometime soon. In some ways, I am not looking forward the pregers part (I also get nauseous), but there are perks--like that amazing belly! My own husband LOVES it too! I know this part isn't easy for you--at all!--but you're a trooper and I'm so impressed at your positive attitude! Good luck!!!


I just found out a while ago that my pet guinea pig is pregnant with two babies and that they'll be born this week! I thought it was funny, since you're also having twins!


I love your pregnant posts.

Back when my husband and I were dating he sometimes used to check out other women when he was with me. But only pregnant women! When I called him on it he said, "I can't help it. I just love those bellies they have!" My reaction must have been horrified because he said, "No! No! It's nothing sick or weird. I just think women with pregnant bellies look really beautiful." Eighteen years later, he now loves to look at photos of me when I was pregnant. :-)

Princess Loucida

Lol! That was histerical and enjoyable!


Hey Rebecca that is soo sweet!


Oh, so funny. I LOVE the way you write. Those little girls of yours will also love looking back at how perfectly you described your pregnancy.


I know you don't feel photogenic right now, but take my advice and take a picture of your belly. Not for us - for you! You'll want to remember this one. My sister had twins and described herself as a rented womb. That of course makes her boys womb-mates.


I absolutely love pregnant women. They are SO CUTE. As weird as the thought of having a person inside you is, the belly is generally cute enough to make me very excited to eventually have kids. :P


Shannon, you just made my day!!! :D I'm researching debate, and I was about to go read over the federal budget (so FUN! I know, doesn't it sound fantastic!). So I came over to Squeetus, and I can now face the budget, having laughed. :)

Heather Pranitis

I cannot say that I have had the pleasure of the belly (yet). However, I really liked how you wrote about it, as I read, I could see how much it meant to you. And thank you for making me smile this evening.


I just had my first 8 months ago, and I loved the belly too. :) The kicks and hiccups and movements made every bit of the miserable parts worth it.

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